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This website has been created and is being voluntarily maintained without any costs to the organization.  Its existence could be traced back to a letter of proposal sent to DBI President Rogelio F. Fuentes dated 17 July 2003.  A copy was also sent via e-mail to then Editor, Mrs. Ester Fulleros-Abitona.

The Webmaster formally presented the proposal before the members of the Board in their monthly meeting dated 03 August 2003, at the association's headquarters in Sta. Mesa, Manila 

Among all others, the following were presented:


1.  To provide an alternative means of access to the existing Gazette to help it reach more people, including non-Buluseños who could simply be inspired by what the organization is doing – and do the same for their respective hometowns

 2.  To promote pride in the hometown among online Buluseños here and abroad

 3.  To make the Gazette more interactive, being a repository of current and previous issues

 4.  To provide another “first” for DBI, as this undertaking would be the first of its kind among all the other resident organizations in the entire Province of Sorsogon


July 15, 2003 - signed up with Tripod (username: dbgazette)

July 17, 2003 - letter of proposal to DBI President Rogelio F. Fuentes mailed; copy sent via e-mail to Mrs. Ester Fulleros - Abitona

August 3, 2003 - presentation of proposal before the Board

September 18, 2003 - maiden voyage

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