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The '80s marked also the birth of Damayan Buluseño, Inc. (DBI), an organization of Buluseños living in Metro Manila, which provides assistance to and development opportunities among Buluseños, like employment opportunities, medical assistance for the poor, scholarship, relief and financial assistance for the development of Bulusan.

Starting out as a loose group out to muster support for a town mate then undergoing trial in Manila but whom they believed was wrongly accused, DBI went on to become a duly registered organization which, with its heretofore unseen zeal and popular support, became one of the province's most active organizations, under the leadership of its founding president, Rogelio F. Fuentes. To date, it continues to fulfill its vision and provides an avenue for community leadership, pride in the hometown, brotherhood, and prosperity as ideals worthy of pursuit. 





Bulusan Central School & Damayan Buluseño, Inc. Homecoming 1995 Souvenir Programme





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