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            More than 500 poor Buluseño families and individuals were the recipients of Damayan-Christmas Drive ’03, a yearly gift-giving project of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.

            In the distribution of gifts held before the New Year, 276 families from the different barangays received bags each containing rice, corned beef, sardines, noodles, sugar, coffee, milk, and juice plus one carton of assorted new and used clothings and 15 packs of noodles for barangay officials.  Brand new dusters, t-shirts, and shorts were also given away to 118 residents of Barangay Sapngan by former Chairman Andres “Ari” Frando courtesy of Ms. Ma. Ana C. Maglasang who donated the items to Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. intended directly for Sapngan’s residents.  Ms. Maglasang, a Metro-Manila businesswoman, was the sponsor of the scholarship of Cherry Fuasa.

            Shoes and slippers were divided among the barangays for distribution to their constituents while 4 cartons of noodles were given away to the Senior Citizens League and 3 cartons to the Family Life Apostolate.

            Reserved for the boy scouts are 20 pieces new t-shirt and 6 pieces jogging pants, while the girl scouts get complete uniform sets.

            The success of this Christmas Drive was made possible with the support of Buluseños and friends who responded to the appeal of the association and gave their share by way of cash and in kind donations.

            Leading the list of cash donors was Congressman Jose G. Solis of the second district of Sorsogon who handed a check of P25, 000 to DBI president Rogelio F. Fuentes during the association’s Christmas Party last December 14 at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse.  Other cash donors were: Anonymousp-P2, 000; Ms. Nenita Somatiza-P2, 000; Mr. & Mrs. Edwin G. Gonzales-P1, 500; Mr. Reynaldo Labrador-P1, 500; Mr. Frank Fernandez, Jr.-P1, 500; Mrs. Salvacion Arcos-Clavecilla-P1, 500; Ms. Lanie D. Gabionza-P1, 200; Anonymous-P1, 000; Anonymous-P1, 000; Dannie/Mellie Paniza-P1, 000; Anonymous-P1, 000; Ms. Josephine Frivaldo-P1, 000; Mrs. Celenia Gallinera-Ang-P1, 000; Mr. & Mrs. Recto F. Reyes-P500; Maj. Gen. Cesar F. Fortuno-P500; Mrs. Myrna Paez-Castillo-P500; Ms. Merly May Gamba-P500; Mrs. Ester Gabionza-Tagle-P500; Mrs. Nora Ainza-P200; Ms. Sally France-P150; Mrs. Pilar Galao-Pleyto-P100; Mr. Erasto Abitona-P100; Mrs. Mabel Geñorga-So-P100; Mr. Leo Enteria-P100; and Ms. Corazon Adornado-P100.

            Those who donated various food stuffs were: Ms. Luz Z. Gamba-5 cartons corned beef (240 cans); Mr. & Mrs. Florencio Dotollo-1 carton assorted food items (and 1 carton used clothes); Mr. Rolando F. Gapas-2 cartons noodles; Mrs. Ester Fulleros-Abitona-1 carton noodles; and Anonymous-50 cans sardines and 32 packs Payless Mami.

            Other donations came from: Ms. Elisa F. Lagamayo-2 sacks of brand new clothes; Ms. Ma. Ana C. Maglasang-1 sack brand new dusters, t-shirts and shorts; Mrs. Belen P. Freo-1 carton of 48 pairs of brand new slippers; Mrs. Myrna Paez-Castillo-1 carton and 2 bags of used clothes; Anonymous-1 carton used clothes; Mrs. Celinia Gallinera-Ang-1 carton used clothes; Mrs. Mabel Geñorga-So-1 carton used clothes; Ms. Cresencia Freo-3 cartons used clothes; Mrs. Elizabeth Gallego-Cajigal-1 carton used clothes; Mrs. Carmelita Borja-Diego-1 plastic bag used clothes; Mr. Jose G. Tenazas, Jr.-3 cartons used clothes and 1 carton used shoes; Mr. Roel Fuentes-1 carton used clothes; Mr. & Mrs. Jaime F. Paez-1 plastic bag used clothes;and Mrs. Luz Gaurino-Tan-6 pieces gifts for girl scouts.

            In Bulusan, cash donors were; Dr. & Mrs. Rogado G. Halum-P200; Mr. & Mrs. Arcadio N. Goyena-P150; Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Gabad-P100; and Mr. & Mrs. Leon Mendizabal-P50.

            Rice donors were: Mr. & Mrs. Lupo Furio-1 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo Firmanes-1 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Jose Tison-1 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Juan Son-1 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Son-1/2 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Neriso Bartilet-1/2 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Jose Geñorga-20 kilos; Mr. Antonio Gacosta-1/2 sack; and Mr. & Mrs. Norly Garalde-10 kilos.

            Donors of various items were: Mr. & Mrs. Roger Fulo-assorted food items; Mr. & Mrs. Jose Tison-7 pieces t-shirt with collars, 27 pieces t-shirt for children, 13 pieces t-shirt for for small children, and 6 pairs of slippers; Mr. & Mrs. Arnel Son-17 pairs sandals for men; Mr. & Mrs. Erwin G. Guysayko-24 packs Ho Mi & 3 pieces used clothes; and Mr. & Mrs. Renato J. Frayna-2 cartons used clothes.

            Those whose names were omitted are requested to inform Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. so preper corrections could be made.

            To all the kindhearted donors, Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. wishes to extend its sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to you.  Your gesture manifests your concern for our less privileged fellow Buluseños.

            It is hoped that with the joint efforts of this association and Buluseños of your nature, our yearly humanitarian activities would go on till the next generations.


Vol. XV No.10 (November - December 2003)

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