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MRS. LETICIA GONZALES – TENAZAS, the Grand Lady of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. , passed away on November 19, 2003 at 4:00 A.M. at the Mary Chiles Hospital, Sampaloc, Manila.  She was 77 years old.

            Two days earlier, her son, Boy, rushed her to the hospital due to her weak condition.  Her blood sugar rose to a very high level.  According to Boy, her mother was already doing well and was already set to leave for home in a few days when suddenly she was rushed to the ICU as her blood pressure went down to 50/0.  In a few hours, she died in her sleep.  She succumbed to cardiac arrest, the attending physician told Boy.

            Her remains were interred at the Himlayang Pilipino in Quezon City beside her late husband, Ship Captain Jose Tenazas, Sr. She was survived by her four children: Lulu, Jose, Jr. or Boy, Jimmy or Boyet, and Cirilo II or Nono.

            Mrs. Tenazas was one of the incorporators of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. when it was organized in 1982.  Since then, she was its treasurer until her death.

            About five years ago, she had a heart attack leaving her left side of the body paralyzed.  But, it did not hamper her in the performance of her duties as treasurer of the association and in attending the monthly mass for the Buluseños at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse in Intramuros.

            Lately though, her health deteriorated even more which hindered her from moving on her own.  Her responsibilities had to be given to her assistant.

            A week before her death, DBI president Rogelio F. Fuentes visited her in her residence to inform her that the officers’ Christmas party will be held at her residence on December 7 so she could be with the group.  Although she was happy about it, Mr. Fuentes sensed that she was not in her usual self when she would laugh heartily to his jokes.  She looked sad and depressed, Mr. Fuentes said.

            Mr. Fuentes further stated that Mrs. Tenazas was well loved and highly respected not only by the other officers of DBI but also by other Buluseños who know her, and her peers in the other organizations where she also previously served as treasurer.


Vol. XV No.10 (November - December 2003)

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