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            The Federation of Senior Citizens’ Associations of the Philippines – Bulusan Chapter held its regular meeting & election alongside its Christmas Party & Program on December 28, 2003, 9:00 a.m.  to 4:00 p.m., at the Bulusan Cultural & Sports  Center.  Every member who registered for the affair received two packs of Lucky Me, compliments of the Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.,-Manila Chapter, as a Christmas gift.

            After the ritual prayer and singing of the National Anthem and the reading and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, the election of officers for 2004-2005 was conducted.  All of the officers of the immediate term past were re-elected after it was duly decided upon to retain the same set of officers for another two years.  Those re-elected were:

            Mr. Juan G. Galindes                   - President

            Mr. Jaime M. Espedido                 - Vice-President

            Ms. Esperanza E. Gallego             - Secretary

            Mrs. Soledad G. Tan                    - Treasurer

            Mr. Domingo Frilles                     - Auditor

            Mr. Manuel G. Galan                    - Business Manager

            Mrs. Conchita A. Gabion              - Asst. Business Manager

            Mr. Santiago Borsigue                 - Press Relation Officer

            Mr. Mauro B. Fulo                       - Marshall

            The elders enjoyed their Christmas Party.  After a little rest, the singing of Christmas songs was led by Mrs. Virginia F. Fulleros.  Prizes were given to dancers of the Square Dance, the Pantomina, and the Sinisique. Other prizes were given to singers and to raffle winners.

            Thanks for the gifts (prizes): Lucky Me from DBI; school bags, notebooks and pencils and clutch bags from Purina through Mr. Roland T. Grabador, Jr.; and wrapped t-shirts from Ms. Luz Z. Gamba.  There was also an exchange of gifts, adding to the enjoyment of the elders, ever wishing for another Christmas Day! (JGG) 

Vol. XV No.10 (November - December 2003)

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