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Capt. Luis F. Frayna, President of the Jose S. Reyes Memorial Institute (formerly Bulusan Institute) Alumni Association, is calling all its members and inviting them to a general meeting on Black Saturday, April 19, 2003 at 9:00 a.m. at the Clubhouse of the Villa Luisa Celeste Resort at Barangay Dancalan, Bulusan.

            According to Capt. Frayna, the purpose of this meeting is to discuss plans of the association for the welfare of its members and their Alma Mater.

            Capt. Frayna urges all members to come and share their ideas on how to strengthen their association and be of help in enhancing the service and image of the institution that gave them the foundation of what they are today.

            The JSRMI which was Bulusan Institute when it was established in 1950, has produced thousands of graduates many of whom are now successful in their chosen fields of endeavor here in the country and abroad.

            Capt. Frayna expects a big turnout in this meeting as many Buluseños will be coming home for the Holy Week.


Vol. XV No. 6 (January-February 2003)

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