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We would like to make it known to our townmates that in  our earnest desire to give another area of service to the community, we exert all efforts and sacrifice our time and energy to make possible the bi-monthly publication of the Damayan-Buluseño Gazette.

Our main objective is for our fellow Buluseños particularly those in far places to be aware of the various events and activities going on in our community and among our townmates in Metro-Manila.

In this connection, we urge the municipal officials and barangay leaders, schools and church authorities and other sectors in the community to issue press releases on their plans and on-going projects and activities that are worth-knowing by our fellow Buluseños.

We encourage everybody to send in their reactions and comments on articles and comments published in this Gazette.  We enjoin everybody to feel free to voice out their negative observations on the way the projects of the association like the civic actions and Christmas gift-giving are being conducted instead of keeping them to themselves, this way, they help us correct things that need to be corrected.  We also welcome views, suggestions and recommendations that are beneficial to our association and the community as well.

However, they should sign their letters/suggestions, etc.  They may request their names to be withheld if they so desire.

Letters and articles may be sent directly to our headquarters at 3035 V. Mapa Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila 1008 or through Local Coordinating Board Chairman, Mr. Juan G. Galindes, in Bulusan.  Send them to us at the earliest possible time so we can release the Gazette on time.

As much as possible, we want all local residents to read every issue of the Gazette.  We, therefore, humbly seek the cooperation of all barangay officials in the proper distribution/dissemination of copies allotted to them.  Since we have limited copies in every issue due to financial constraints, it is suggested that a few copies be left at the barangay hall for others who have no copies to read.  Leaders of the different civic and religious organizations in the community should also be furnished copies for their members to be informed also.

With the full cooperation of everybody in the community, our objective of gaining support from concerned Buluseños to our undertakings will be realized through this Gazette.

It is an honor for us that we are the only town organization in the province of Sorsogon that has its own official organ, so let us join together in pursuing the objectives of this association to bring peace and prosperity to our community through the Damayan-Buluseño Gazette.  Thank you.


Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.


Vol. XV No. 6 (January-February 2003)

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