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Of Gloria’s Article

Rev. Gloria’s article came about when the editor chanced upon a list of names involved in the research work for the creation of the Department of Religious Affairs.  The list is a file copy of the editor’s friend who was asked to facilitate the preliminary discussion about the proposed department.  The bill, by the way, was authored by House Speaker, Jose de Venecia.

Gloria and the editor have not yet met in person in person up until now.   They only know each other by name.  Erstwhile, the editor heard only unsavory remarks about Gloria, so that when she saw her name in that list which is meant to undertake an important task, she was challenged to know more about her. 

Through Mr. Rogelio Fuentes, she and Gloria talked over the phone and the three of them later decided that Gloria should write something about herself and her work and how she came to be involved in the deliberation for the creation of the Department of Religious Affairs.  And so, her article on this page. 

The editor is truly glad about this happy turn of events.  She is truly convinced that indeed the time is ripe for the truth to come out.  Whatever misconceptions there were about Gloria that she might have entertained in the past, are now completely erased.  She has nothing but admiration for this lady for the wonderful tasks she is doing for the community and for the country.  Hopefully, others who might have similar misconceptions about her will be enlightened through the article she has written.


Vol. XV No. 6 (January-February 2003)

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