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Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. through its president, Rogelio F. Fuentes, commended all the donors and volunteers for their involvement in the last Free Medical Clinic and Operation: Tule held in Bulusan on April 19, 2003.

            Recipients of the free medical services numbered as follows: 575 medical patients; 33 were circumcised and 56 received free blood-typing services.

            Mr. Fuentes who personally witnessed the activities at the Bulusan Central School premises said it was so heartwarming to see that while medical practitioners and health workers were attending to the big crowd of patients, other volunteers composed of teachers, scholars and their parents and students were also busy preparing and serving snacks and lunch for the health workers.

            What impressed him more was the participation of the local residents who provided food, drinks and other materials needed in the project and the concern of other Buluseños in Metro-Manila and other areas and abroad who donated cash for the purchase of additional medicines.  Others donated medicines and other needed items.

            According to Mr. Fuentes, those who donated cash were: Mr. & Mrs. Primo Gallanosa – P 5,000; Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Gonzales – P 3, 500; Mrs. Lilian Torres-Espelita – P 1,000; Mrs. Evelyn Torres-Fullon – P 1,000; Mrs. Myra Paez-Castillo – P 1,000; Anonymous – P 500; Ms. Luz Z. Gamba – P 10,000; and Mrs. Leticia Gonzales – Tenazas – P 10,000.

            Donations of various medicines came from: Ms. Teresa Galindes; Mrs. Norie Tan-Fat; Dr. Alma Fortades-Escultura; Mr. Rogelio Fulleros; Ms. Betty Yu; Mr. Emmanuel Cajayon, Jr.; and Mr. Relly Fortes.

            Engr. Pablito R. Freo supplied all the items for the Operation Tule which he has been doing for the past four years.

            The volunteers were: Dr. Gloria E. Guysayko, Dr. Lucila Fulo, Mrs. Elsa Fulo, Mrs. Socorro Fuentes, Mrs. Meriam Santos, Mrs. Lilia Frades, Mrs. Remedios Ocsio, Mrs. Cristina Sumagaysay, Mrs. Arlene Ragasa, Mrs. Ma. Lucy Domasig, Mrs. Jean Barral, Mr. Audie Silva, Ms. Irene Gacias, Mrs. Reva Gapido, Mrs. Gloria Gando, Mrs. Marie Fortuno, Mrs. Cristina Baloloy, Mrs. Nerisa Ramon, Mrs. Salvacion Correa, Mrs. Lydia Fulo, Mrs. Remedios Diamante, Mrs. Ruby Escaño, Mrs. Corazon Cantal, Mrs. Emma Garalde, Mrs. Linda Frayna, Mrs. Maria Cleofe Fullon, Miss Celeste Freo, Mr. Cesar Gacosta, Ms. Salvacion Gardon, Ms. Lea Balderama, Mr. Marlon Rabulan, Mrs. Luzviminda Ballesteros, Ms. Maricel Dineros, Mr. George Gamba, Mr. Ulpiano Sorra, Ms. Rosalinda Fulo, Mrs. Paz Balderama, Mrs. Nerie Frayna, Mr. Larry Frilles, Mr. Nicanor Bailon, Mr. Renato Frayna, and Mr. Galindes.

            Food and drinks and other items were donated by Mr. & Mrs. Jose Tison, Mr. & Mrs. Juan Son, Miss Amparo Tan, Miss Salvacion Manda, Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo Firmanes, Mr. & Mrs. Ordonio Frades, Engr. & Mrs. Jose Ortiz, Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Estipona, Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Fragio, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Fugen, Ms. Erlinda Gallenito, Mr. & Mrs. Paterno Fuasa, Mr. & Mrs. Nardito Fuasa, Mr. & Mrs. Tagalicod, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Fuasa, and Mr. Patrick Fuasa.

            Mr. Fuentes sent letters to all of them acknowledging their donations and services which contributed much to the success of the project.   He also praised them for caring for the health of their poor constituents.  His desire is for Damayan spirit to live on in the heart of every Buluseño for the continuity of this yearly humanitarian mission.  He was so touched upon seeing the big crowd of less fortunate townmates coming from different barangays early in the morning to avail of the free medical services and medicines.  This scenario moved him more to motivate Buluseños to get involved in this yearly mission.


Vol. XV No. 7 (March - May 2003)

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