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            The Provincial Government of Sorsogon, in cooperation with the National Computer Center (NCC) under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has spearheaded a Website Development Training and Workshop held at STI Computer Center (Sorsogon Branch) last April 10-12, 2003.  The 3-day activity was an integral part of the “Jumpstarting Electronic Governance in the Local Government Unit” which aims to bring the much-needed change in the local government by making them more capable of embedding information and communication technology in their day-to-day operation for better and faster public service.

            By virtue of R. A. 8792 known as Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 that pave the way for the LGUs to comply with the directive set by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regarding the web presence in all LGUs, the local leadership under Juan G. Guysayko sent two participants from the Office of the Municipal Planning and Engineering in the persons of Albie E. Españo and Roswell H. Ramos, to avail of said opportunity.  The activity design, which required a minimum of two (2) representatives coming from different municipalities of Sorsogon, were requested to bring their respective Socio-Economic Profiles (SEFs) which will be placed in their sites through hands-on and inputting of necessary web materials using the Website Content Management Software (WCMS).

            As expected, the Municipality of Bulusan was able to establish its online presence in the Internet.  Its current Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is http://ecommunity.ncc.gov.ph/Bulusan and at the same time authorizing the National Computer Center (NCC) to register the designed domain which is www.bulusan.gov.ph. (Binoe)


Vol. XV No. 7 (March - May 2003)

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