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DBI is heartened to receive feedbacks written and verbal from those who in one way or another benefited from, stand to benefit or have simply observed the various activities DBI is doing to help Bulusan community and its populace.  Not that the persons running the association and their supporters are hungry for appreciation or gratitude.  Simply to know that there are people appreciative of their efforts is enough encouragement for them to go on.

While it is true, nobody asked them to do what they were doing because theirs is a voluntary service, such could be terminated if there is no more reason for them to do so.  Feedback, good or bad is the mechanism for them to know that yes, they want DBI to continue its activities.  Unsavory feedbacks are also welcome because such would allow them to rectify mistakes or improve what needs to be improved.

Ganoon din sana ang attitude ng mga tao sa pamahalaan o sa ano mang sekta ng sociedad.  Kung maganda ang feedback, well and good.  Kung hindi naman, tingnan yong sarili, ang kanilang ginagawa at alamin kung bakit pinupuna.  Huwag tayong maging balat-sibuyas, bagkus gumawa ng paraan at ituwid ang hindi tama.  Kung tutuusin, wala naman talagang perpekto na tao o sistema.  Kaya, cool lang kung nakakatanggap ng kritisismo.

Kung puro maganda ang naririnig, kadalasan, we develop misconceptions about ourselves and we become arrogant or complacent in our duties.  Criticism is a balancing factor.  To some, it even serves as a stimulant to prove to their detractors how wrong their perceptions are.  So, welcome feedbacks in whatever form.


Vol. XV No. 7 (March - May 2003)

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