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Perhaps one of the most significant occasions to every Buluseño is the feast day celebration in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. James the Greater  – its intercessor and protector.    Held every 24th & 25th of July, this tradition started in the year 1630 with the creation of Bulusan as an independent parish from Casiguran.  Leaning on to what some history books declare – that Bulusan became a pueblo civil a year later, it would be safe to declare that the town itself as a political unit celebrates its 372nd anniversary this year.

            The annual town fiesta is a perfect opportunity of opening up doors in showcasing the town’s distinct tourism character.  With this is a reminder of God’s genius, the many natural wonders that abound in the locality – an absolute evidence of His existence.

            This year’s theme, “VISIT BULUSAN 2003: A Key to Becoming an Eco-tourism Destination of the Philippines”, is complemented by various activities underscoring the national advocacy for a “culture of tourism” and enhancement of ecological consciousness.

                Among the activities were:

-          Community Clean & Green Drive

-          Barangay Mid-Year Monitoring & Evaluation of Nutrition Program

-          Novena/Mass/Procession

-          Amateur Boxing Tournament

-          Marathon

-          Bikathon

-          Beer Plaza

-          Drum & Lyre Corps Competition

-          Civic Parade

-          Coronation Ball

-          Concelebrated Mass

-          Barangay Night/Raffle Draw/Awards Night

The occasion was made even more spectacular with the presence of some personalities from the local entertainment industry like actress Alma Concepcion, comedian Dinky Doe, and Kevin Bernal. (Tsinoleespaño)


Vol. XV No.8 (June - August 2003)

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