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The Bulusan Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association, Inc. held its annual general assembly and election on August 2, 2003, 1:30 in the afternoon, at the Bulusan Cultural and Sports Center.

            Among others, reports were made by the Acting Systems Superintendent, Mr. Abundio B. Camposano, Jr.; the Board President, Mr. Mauro B. Fulo; and the Board Treasurer, Mr. Pepe E. Mendizabal.

            The assembly approved a resolution requiring only at least one hundred (100) member-consumers in attendance to have a conditional quorum for the election.  The general assembly in July had a failure of election based on the required quorum in the By-Laws: one-half (1/2) plus one of the members.  If the required quorum could not be attained the conditional quorum of one-fifth (1/5) of the total number of members may be observed.   Approved also is the right to vote by either the husband or the wife.  Both are co-members of the Association.

            The Board Secretary, Mr. Floro E. Payos certified a conditional quorum and the election was held.  The results of the election and re-organization are as follows:

Board President -   Mr. Bartolome Furio
Board Vice-President -   Mr. Ordonio J. Frades
Board Secretary -   Mr. Antonio Fuster, Jr.
Board Treasurer -   Mr. Mauro B. Fulo
Board Member -   Mr. Juan G. Galindes
Actg. Sys. Supt. -   Mr. Abundio B. Camposano, Jr.

            The Association will finish paying off its loan-amortization by December 2003.  The new Board plans to improve the water service at Madlawon: either by constructing a reservoir at the barangay or by cutting the main pipe at Oroc, Madlawon and transferring the pipes to Dapdap passing Baluarte then to Dancalan.  Another option is to construct an additional reservoir at San Rafael only to give good water supply to all consumers. (JGG)


Vol. XV No.8 (June - August 2003)

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