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A team of LOGOFIND consultants arrived on August 5, 2003 in connection with the application of the municipality to avail the technical and financial assistance being offered by the Local Government Finance and Development Project (LOGOFIND).  After a brief meeting with Mayor Juan G. Guysayko together with the Municipal Technical Working Group headed by Councilor Menandro F. Frayna, the group conducted site inspections and general appraisal activities on the existing and proposed shoreline protection at Barangays Mabuhay, Sabang, Dapdap, and Buhang.

The following day, the team met with the members of the TWG to gather pertinent data and provide technical assistance in the areas of technical, economic, social, environmental, and operational feasibility of the project.  To validate the social acceptability of the project, public consultations/ dialogues were conducted in the afternoon at the proposed subproject sites.

Based on the general findings, the team observes an obvious and urgent need for the proposed subproject.  Given the prevalence of erosion and considering the perennial damages to livelihood and properties caused by the onslaught of typhoons and strong waves, the proposed subproject is generally evaluated as feasible in terms of its positive socio-economic impact.

To facilitate the completion of pre-qualification and subproject appraisal requirements, the team provided the TWG with the following documents:

-          Environmental Management Plan Form (EMP)

-          Guidelines for the Conduct of Social Assessment

-          Sample questionnaires for Project Affected Persons (PAPs)

-          Resettlement and Compensation Guidelines

-          Declaration of Ownership and Voluntary Undertaking

Councilor Menandro Frayna initiated this proposed project after his official meeting with PMO representative in Manila to discuss with the gist of the LOGOFIND.  Correspondingly, the salient features and other pertinent issues of the LOGOFIND were likewise presented before the legislative body.  However, it has not been able to gain unanimous vote as expected.  To resolve the issue, the body decided to divide the house that resulted 6-4 in favor of the proposed project.

Hence, the proposed subproject entered by the municipality is classified under the blue/green environmental subproject: the LGU would receive a grant up to 70% of the total project costs.  The loan portion is only 20% and is payable for fifteen years in a simple interest rate of 12%.  Ten percent (10 %) is the equity, which will be provided by the LGU. (Binoescañoespaño)


Vol. XV No.8 (June - August 2003)

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