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The New Kid in Town

When Mrs. Abitona first offered me this position, I actually had more than my share of second thoughts and felt more than just tiny bits of apprehension faced with the prospect of handling such a responsibility.  I mean, while I know my abilities as well as my limitations – I am also equally aware of the fact that there are so many other Buluseños who can do the job better than me but are just either legally preoccupied, have reservations about offering their services, or are just simply waiting to be tapped.

To say that I was flattered is an understatement.  It was more like a feeling of elation.  Four of the first things that came to my mind were my family and friends who have always been very supportive of me; a brand new opportunity by which I could serve Bulusan and its people; gratitude to all those who have inspired me in so many ways and who have provided me with just the right kind of channels; and the reaffirmation that really, everything works together for good.

Being at the helm of the Gazette I practically grew up with is more than the realization of a childhood dream.  What I am now and how I play with words have been greatly influenced by the early issues of the Gazette.  I guess this is my way of paying the favor forward.  I am confident that as I write, a little young mind out there is also quietly but diligently absorbing useful tools for tomorrow.

As the Gazette’s new layout artist, I would like to thank Ms. Linda Gapan-Mole, my predecessor, for leaving behind a fine example from which I could base any development to the publication.

I am staying on my posts while I can, until a much worthy Bulusanon steps up and volunteers his or her services, or until the Board decides that I got to go.  Until such time, please bear with me.  I can’t promise anything, I can just do my best and prove myself worthy of the trust given to me. 

To that one English instructor who once saw potential in my writing capacity, your very words have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.  May more young minds get the opportunity of having you for a mentor.

Feedbacks, suggestions, and/or contributions are most welcome at my e-mail address: bulusanon@hotmail.com.



Vol. XV No.8 (June - August 2003)

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