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Sa Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.


            Salamat san inpapadara niyo na Gazette.  Dianison pagbasahon lalo na an Bikol kay sugad ako sin nasa Bulusan.

            Bale 22 anyos na ako dini sa Switzerland.  An amo language dini puro German, Italian nan English kaya, naruyagon ako magbasa san Bikol Bulusan sa Gazette.

            Naogma ako san mga hinihimo niyo na puro sa kaayadan sa Bulusan lalo na sa mga pobrehon na pamilya.  Kon wara an Gazette diri ko man maaraman an kadianisan san Damayan-Buluseño.

            Sana mahatagan niyo ako san iyo Bank Account No, para maipadara ko man an danon ko.

            Sa masunod na pag-uli ko, gusto ko mabagat an mga nagtatag sini na organisasyon nan iba na mga Bulusanon.

            Keep up the good work, more power.  May God bless you.

                                                                                                (Sgd.) Wilma Frago – Hirsch



To Damayan-Buluseño,


            Greetings of Peace and Joy!

            My heartfelt gratitude to all the officers of the association most especially to my sponsor, Maj. Gen. Cesar F. Fortuno for the wonderful opportunity you have given me.

            I am one of the products of your scholarship program.  With your assistance, I have reached my goal.  I have finished my course and have just passed the board examinations for Electrical Engineering and Master Electrician.

            Thank you very much, more power!

                                                                                                (Sgd.) Marlon A. Rabulan



Mr. Editor,


            Greetings with God’s inclusive love!

            As I read the article of Mr. Rogelio “Elio” Fuentes entitled “Sin-o An Mas Kristiano?” (June – August ’03 issue), I was surprised and challenged.  As a Chaplain and Minister of God who takes care of the spiritual needs of the people regardless of belief and creed, I love to serve the human soul which Jesus Christ saved with His Holy Blood with genuine humility and utmost concern.  This is why I am reacting positively on the said article.

            First, I was saddened by his decision to obligate himself not to act as Godfather in wedding and baptismal ceremonies, not to take communion during mass and if he dies, it would be alright with him if no priest would offer mass services for his body.  He is a true Christian in following the Pastoral Letter of the CBCP on the stand of the Catholic Church against members of Masonry.  As a Catholic Mason, he obligated himself to follow such un-Christian policy depriving him of the church practices.  On the other hand, I was greatly challenged by his boldness to express his feelings and personal stand on his beliefs and principles in life.  Following the footsteps of our beloved heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, and other Masons is more Christian than the Friars of their days.

            Secondly, I admire him so much and believe he is more Christian by what he is doing.  It is more Christian to know by heart and follow the Christianity that is taught by Christ and His disciples in the Bible.  Mr. Fuentes advocated that we should live by example as true Christians rather than just words without action.  Parallel to what St. James wrote in James 1:22 (RSV), it says: “Be doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves”.  Although I am a Protestant (United Methodist Church), I support Mr. Fuentes for opening his heart to us.  May his example be a challenge to us.  I pray that more will follow his bold decision to expose the un-Christian practices in any religion/sect as an eye-opener to everybody.

            Keep on your noble task, Mr. Fuentes.  God will greatly bless you.  God is with you always.


                                                                        (Sgd.)   REV (MAJ.) SALVADOR G. GACIAS

                                                                                    Evangelical Chaplain

                                                                                    V. Luna General Hospital

                                                                                    Quezon City



Vol. XV No.9 (September - October 2003)

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