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“A Barangay To Emulate”

             Barangay Sapngan should be a source of inspiration to other barangays in Bulusan because of the dynamic leadership of their officials and the support of their constituents.

            Although it could be one of the smallest barangays in the municipality with only 549 residents and a handful of professionals and well-off families, it has almost all the needed facilities of a barangay which others don’t have.

            In the heart of the barangay is a 537-square meter lot where stand a barangay hall, nutrition center, day care center, chapel, and a basketball court which serves also as a rice drying area and place of assembly.

            The acquisition of all these started when Mr. Salvador “Buddy” Fuller took over as Chairman of this barangay in 1991.  Through the initiative of Mr. Maximo B. Fulo, a retired school principal and the barangay secretary then, the said lot was purchased.  With his retirement pay, he advanced the payment for the lot which was paid later by the barangay on installment basis.

            With the bayanihan spirit in their hearts, the barangay officials and the residents worked together to level the ground in preparation for the construction of the barangay hall and the basketball court.

            Being an employee of SORECO I, Chairman Buddy was able to install street lights along the main road of the barangay using his one year honorarium in buying the needed materials, while all the kagawads agreed to foot the monthly electric bills.

            The project that followed was the cementing of their main road with the bags of cement and P 7,000 cash coming from the government.  To cut cost on labor, all officials and the residents volunteered their services while others served food for the workers.

            When Mr. Andres “Arî” Frando became the barangay chairman in 1997, he pushed through the programs of Chairman Buddy.  It was during his term that the day care center and nutrition center were erected with the funds from the IRA.  The chapel was also put up through the initiative of Mrs. Fe G. Monteo, a kagawad and the barangay hermana.

            Now, after the last barangay elections, Chairman Buddy was elected again to his former position together with Kagawads Celso Gacosta, Jr., Jose Furio, Edwin Sesbreño, Jerry Gamis, Francisco Gallardo, Sr., Wilfredo Gapayao, Fe G. Monteo, and Jean G. Gabitan.  Also elected SK Kagawads were: Aris Abad, Allan Dominguez, Gibson Sesbreño, Jenny Gob, Ryan Gapayao, Noreen Emberga and Janice de Vera.

            Supporting them as a team to better serve their constituents are: Marietta Dominguez – treasurer; Lea B. Peñalosa – secretary; Pacita Gamis – day-care worker; Ma. Cleofe P.  Fuller – nutrition scholar & health worker; Leticia Fuentes and Lutgarda G. Españo – health workers.

            Upon their assumption of office, they immediately put some improvements in the barangay hall to make it more presentable.  Now, it boasts of an electric fan, gas stove, curtains and table cloth, a barangay map, and a 21” TV set which only this barangay has.  An outpost is being constructed also.

            To realize their vision of “Isang pamayanang tahimik, maunlad, at mamamayang matapat, nagkakaisa, nagtutulungan at may takot sa Diyos”, they work together in all their projects and activities.  This is perhaps the reason why Barangay Sapngan was awarded recently as the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay, and was chosen eight place by the Nutrition Committee.

            Sapngan now is the object of envy by other barangays.  Visitors say, if only other barangays would have the kind of leadership of Chairmen Buddy and Arî and supportive constituents, they could also be another barangay to emulate.


Vol. XV No.9 (September - October 2003)

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