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                Two big clans held their reunions simultaneously on Black Saturday, April 10, 2004 in separate venues in Bulusan.

                The Frades Clan held its reunion on a beach at Sitio Baluarte, Barangay Dapdap which was blessed during the occasion as Frades Resort.

                On its third grand reunion, the Fuentes Clan gathered at their usual place, the Bulusan Cultural and Sports Complex.

                Actually, the Fortades Clan was also set for their fourth reunion on Maundy Thursday, April 8 in Barangay Sablac, Matnog, Sorsogon, but because of the sudden death of its president, Mr. Santiago Fortades a day before, they had to drop their plans.  Instead, they intend to push through with it next year.

                Although it was its first, the Frades affair was well attended by members from the different barangays of Bulusan, other towns of Sorsogon, and Metro-Manila.  During the occasion, the members decided to hold their next reunions consecutively for three years, 2005, 2006, and 2007 on Easter Sunday.  This day is favorable to both clans as many members of the Frades Clan are also members of the Fuentes Clan.

                Inducted officers of the Frades Clan were:  Councilor Celestino Fortuno Frades - President; Artemio G. Frades - Vice-President; Evelyn Frades-Frilles - Secretary; Perla Frades-Buhion - Treasurer; Ana Frades - Auditor; Ruben Frades Gallanosa & Arturo Frades – Businnes Managers; Raul Frades & Joel Frades - PRO.  The coordinators are: Teresita F. Frades - Talaonga; Juan Frades - San Antonio; Emma Frades-Garalde – Lalud; Gloria Frades – Furio – Cogon; Arnulfo Furio – Tinampo; Eriberto Frades – Mabuhay; Delia Madrid – Sabang; Elma Frades & Myrna G. Frades – Central, Dapdap & Looban; Lupo Frades Furio – Buhang; Rafael Escarda – Sta. Magdalena; Isidro Frades Fugen – Gubat; Baltazar Frades – Sorsogon City; Salvacion Givero, Joey Frades, Recto Frades, Adonis Frades, Jose Arcos, & Natividad Fortuno – Metro-Manila.

                In the Fuentes Clan affair, aside from the members who came from the different barangays of Bulusan, other towns of Sorsogon, and Metro-Manila, there were those who came from the province of Cebu.

                The occasion was made even livelier with the presentation of different musical numbers by the different barangays, and parlor games.

                Mr. Rogelio F. Fuentes, the clan’s organizer who was re-elected chairman thanked the members for their presence and lauded their active involvement in all the activities which contributed to the success of their reunion.  He urged them to set aside personal differences for the sake of the clan’s unity to make it an image of one big happy and harmonious family.  He repeated what he has been saying before that he will never use the name of the clan for his personal interests particularly in politics as he has no political ambition at all.  All he wanted, he added, is a brotherly concern for one another regardless of one’s social status.

                Mr. Fuentes also vowed to dedicate the rest of his life to the service of the clan as long as the members would want it and as long as his health warrants it.

                Aside from Mr. Fuentes, the officers for 2004-2006 who were also inducted were: George Fuentes – vice-chairman for Sorsogon; Rufo O. Fuentes – vice-chairman for Metro-Manila;  Teresita G. Fuentes – secretary; Recto Fuentes – treasurer; Nathaniel Fuentes – auditor.

                Members of the board of directors and the areas they represent are: Jose Fuentes – San Francisco; Juan Furio – Lalud; Renato Fuentes – San Antonio; Romeo Fuentes – Tinampo; Pepe Fuentes – Talaonga; Dominador Fuentes, Jr. – Irosin; Guiming Fuentes – San Isidro, Bulan; Teodorico Fuentes – Naga City; Arturo Fuentes, Jr. – Sorsogon City; Jose Fuentes – Macabari; Ramon Fuentes – San Bernardo; and Teodulfo Fuentes – Salvacion.

Vol. XVI No.2 (March  - April 2004)

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