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                After twenty-two solid years of serving as president of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc., Mr. Rogelio F.  Fuentes will finally relinquish the position at the end of his term this year.  This was declared by him late last year and on several occasions during the association's monthly board meetings so the other officers could prepare themselves to take over the moment he retires.

                Mr. Fuentes also told them that automatically he will cease to be the chairman of the board of trustees of the newly-formed Damayan-Buluseño Foundation, Inc.  which he holds in interim capacity until a formal election is held in March next year.

                According to him, his retirement from the said position is long overdue.  Actually, he said, he should have vacated it several years ago but he was prevailed over by the other officers particularly the senior members of the board to stay, as the association was then still shaky.

                But now that he has seen the great potentials among the younger officers to lead the association effectively to its right direction, there is no more reason for him to stay any longer.  It is about time to infuse younger blood into the association to attune its direction to what is most needed in these times, he continued.

                He added, he dedicated himself faithfully to the service of Damayan-Buluseño which has deprived him of quality times for himself and his family for so long.  All he wanted for now is to be free from so much pressures and tensions which he has gone through all those years just to ensure the success of every activity of the association.

                Anyway, he said, it is now easy for the new leadership of DBI to manage its affairs as it has already its established activities such as the monthly mass, the yearly civic action, the Pista sa Maynila celebration, the Damayan Christmas Drive, and the bi-annual Damayan Homecoming.

                However, Mr. Fuentes assured the would-be incoming set of officers that he will always be around if ever his assistance is needed as long as it would be for the best interest of the association.

                He also told them frankly that although he may not in any way interfere in their administration, still he would continue writing in his column in the Damayan-Buluseño Gazette and no amount of pressures can stop him from exposing the abuses of some sectors in our society which  will affect the peace and order situation in our community and eventually our economy.


Vol. XVI No.2 (March  - April 2004)

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