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It was a very heartwarming scenario how true Damayan spirit worked in the hearts of eighty-two Buluseños and a few friends to realize the success of a humanitarian mission aimed at serving the indigents in need of medical, dental , and other services free of charge.
Each one of them gave his/her share of service in various ways in the first civic action project or free medical/dental clinic and operation: tule conducted last April 10 in Bulusan.

                With letters appealing for support, nine Buluseños and two friends sent cash donations, seven of them came from the US. Ten donated various medicines and other supplies.  Eleven local residents contributed foods and drinks  for the volunteer workers composed of five doctors, three dentists, five nurses, thirteen health workers, two municipal health center staff, ten former DBI scholars and their parents, and nine members of the kitchen brigade.

                With their joint efforts, the following were the number of beneficiaries:


                Medical patients                                  565

                Dental patients                                        58

                Operation:Tule patients                         25

                Total                                                       648


                Members of the board of trustees of this newly organized foundation could just wonder how this big group of people were motivated to join together for a common goal – to offer free services to their less fortunate brothers and sisters in the community.  They could hardly believe they have just accumulated an estimated P220,000.00–worth of medicines and other items for such purpose. In fact, there were lots of excess medicines. Some were donated to the Rural Health Unit.  Others were kept for next year’s project.

                Those who were involved in this undertaking in one way or another were the following: Cash donors were: Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hasal  (USA) – P6,000.00; Mrs. Rosario Gallanosa (USA) – P5,500.00; Mrs. Elena Halum-Cuevas (USA) – P5,500.00; Ms. Lynda Freo (USA) – P5,440.00; Dr. Joseph B. Tison (USA) – P 5,00000; Ms. Belen Goncena (USA) – P5,000.00; Mr. Go Lac (MM) – P4,000.00; Mr. & Mrs. Primo Gallanosa (USA) – P2,500.00; Ms. Nenita Somatiza (MM) – P2,000.00; Mrs. Eliria Gonzales-Fabic (MM) – P1,000.00; and Mrs. Elizabeth Gallego-Cajigal (MM) – P1,000.00.

                Donors of various medicines and other supplies were: Pharma Gain Drug (c/o Teresa Galindes); Engr. Pablito R. Freo; San Roque Life Bringers Foundation (c/o Ms. Luz Z. Gamba); Dr. Alma Fortades-Escultura; Dr. Emmanuel L. Cajayon, Jr.; Mr. Relly Fortes; Mrs. Norie Tan-Fat; Mrs. Celinia Gallinera-Ang; Mrs. Ester Fulleros-Abitona; and Lucel Drug (c/o Ms. Loida Frontuna).

                Local residents who donated cash and food items were: Mr. Jesus F. Garalde – P100.00; Mr. Roger Fulo – P50.00; Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo Firmanes – rice; Engr. & Mrs. Jose Ortiz, Sr. – rice; Ms. Amparo Tan – cookies; Ms. Salvacion Manda – bread; Mr. & Mrs. Paterno Fuasa – fish; Ms. Erlinda Gallineto – pork; Mrs. Luzviminda F. Ballesteros – pork; Mr.  & Mrs. Alberto Fragio – pork; Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Fullon – sliced bread, sandwich spread, bananas, cookies, and 8 o’clock juice drink; Mr. & Mrs. Juan Son – sugar, Nescafe, powdered milk; and Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Estipona – ballpen and bond papers.

                Volunteer workers were: medical doctors – Dr. Gloria E. Guysayko and Dr. Elino G. Fortades; medical students – Mr. Audie G. Silva, Ms. Eleanor F. de Castro, and Ms. Irene T. Gacias.

                The nurses were: Mr. Raul Esternon and Mrs. Leda G. Fuentes; with nursing students Ms. Janice Pautline S. Palma, Ms. Monaliza Santiago, and Jennylen Morales.

                The barangay health workers were: Ms. Jean G. Barral, Ms. Janette F. Esperida, Ms. Ivy F. Fuedan, Ms. Agnes Fuentes, Ms. Cristina G. Baloloy, Ms. Corazon Cantal, Ms. Adelina Gabion, Ms. Ruby Escaño, Ms. Adelina Gapas, Ms. Rosario L. Fulo, Ms. Lina Furaque, Ms. Salvacion Correa, and Ms. Leonor Mendizabal.

                The dentists were: Dr. Rolando Gallor, Dr. Pedro Manda, and Dr. Harold Enteria.

                The former DBI scholars and their parents were: Celeste G. Freo, Lea D. Balderama, Ma. Cecilia G. Dineros, Salvacion Gardon, Cesar L. Gacosta, Luzviminda Fragio-Ballesteros, Daisy Galos-Furio, Paz D. Balderama, Emma G. Dineros, and Romeo Fullon.

                From the Municipal Health Center staff were: Ms. Grace Blasquiño and Mrs. Ruth Gallinera-Villanueva.

                Members of the kitchen brigade and those assigned to different tasks were: Remigia G. Fulleros, Emerita G. Silva, Renato J. Frayna, Arnulfo Tan, Olivia G. Silva, Leonor F. Peñalosa, Andrew D. Espedido, Melchor Hasta, and Mr. Juan G. Galindes- the Local Coordinating Board Chairman of DBI who supervised the entirety of the activities.

                It will be recalled that Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. has conducted this project yearly since 1983 until last year. But starting this year, it has been undertaken by the DBFI.

                It is very interesting to note that most of those whose names appear in the list have been actively involved in this project for the past several years. It means the Damayan spirit is now instilled in their hearts and minds that this mission has become a part of their lives.

                It would be more inspiring if more and more Buluseños would take part in such activities for the sake of their constituents who are so much in need of their concern due to poverty.

                From Damayan-Buluseño Foundation, Inc., to all of you, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  GOD BLESS!

Vol. XVI No.2 (March  - April 2004)

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