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                Two good Samaritans based in Metro-Manila took pity of the plight of the family of Mr. & Mrs. Erneo Fuellas of Barangay Lalud, Bulusan, whose shanty was totally burned down on the midnight of February 27, 2004 leaving them penniless and with only their clothes on.
Through Damayan-Buluseño, Inc., the family received P1,000.00 cash and two cartons of clothes and shoes.  The cash donation came from Mr. Francisco Fernandez, Jr. while the clothes and shoes were donated by Ms. Teresa Galindes.
The two are both very supportive of the association’s cause. On several occasions, Mr. Fernandez, a businessman from Mandaluyong City, has donated various foodstuffs to the association’s Christmas Drive.  He has also extended assistance to distressed Buluseños referred to him by the DBI.
Although not a full-blooded Buluseña, Ms. Galindes cared so much for Bulusan and the Buluseños. In fact, for the past several years, she has been the consistent biggest donor of various medicines to the association’s yearly civic action.  She is the eldest daughter of the late Vicente Galindes, former US Navyman from Barangay Sapngan who died in a road accident in the US many years ago.
Tessa, as she is fondly called by relatives and friends, stayed for a year in Bulusan when she was still very young.  After the death of her father, he practically grew up in Mindanao, the place of her late mother.  It was only after she graduated in college when she came back to Bulusan which she since then considered her second home. 
She is a businesswoman based in Caloocan City where she operates two drugstores.

Vol. XVI No.2 (March  - April 2004)

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