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                As a token of appreciation and gratitude for having been very supportive of the various projects of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc., foremost of which being the Scholarship Program, two Metro-Manila-based entrepreneurs were given a plaque of recognition each during the association’s Pista sa Maynila celebration last July 11 at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse, Intramuros, Manila.

                The awardees were Ms. Ana Concepcion-Maglasang and Mr. Alejo O. Dy.  The plaques were presented to them by their scholars assisted by DBI president Rogelio F. Fuentes before a huge crowd of Buluseños who attended the affair.

                Before the awarding ceremonies, Mr. Fuentes enlightened his townmates on the assistance extended by the two awardees to the association.

                According to Mr. Fuentes, Ms. Maglasang was the sponsor of Cherry Fuasa of Barangay Central, Bulusan, who took up Nutrition at the University of the Philippines.  For the past several years, she has consistently donated several dozens of brand new dusters, shorts, and t-shirts to the yearly Damayan Christmas Drive for distribution to poor Buluseños.

                Mr. Dy sponsored Celeste Freo of Barangay Mabuhay who graduated Cum Laude in Education from the Bicol University in Legaspi City.  He has also been supporting other projects of the DBI.  When he learned from Mr. Fuentes that Celeste was unable to take the teachers’ examination due to late submission of requirements, he offered her a job in his office in Parañaque.

                Mr. Dy felt elated when Celeste graduated Cum Laude last March.  He told Mr. Fuentes if only Legaspi was but a few hour-drive from Metro-Manila, he would attend her graduation and congratulate her.

                Touched by the gesture of the DBI of awarding her a Plaque of Recognition for what she has done, in response, Ms. Maglasang told the crowd that she was so thankful and will always treasure the plaque given her.  She also promised Mr. Fuentes that she will always be of help when needed and if ever she has the means to do it.

                Mr. Dy who was not around during the program due to an earlier commitment, called up Mr. Fuentes the following day after he received the plaque to express his thanks and appreciation for it.  He told Mr. Fuentes, he was not expecting to receive such a wonderful acknowledgment for the support he has extended to the association. 

                What touched and inspired both of them was the text in the said plaque of recognition which states that it is awarded in recognition of their wholehearted support to the various projects of Damaya-Buluseño, Inc. foremost of which is its Scholarship Program thereby giving a poor but talented Buluseño student the rare opportunity to obtain college education and realize a cherished hope for a bright future.

                “Such benevolent act is very laudable and worth emulating by others so that more professionals and future leaders could emerge from the underprivileged sector of our society.”

                As of now, twenty-seven scholars of DBI have already graduated in different courses in college.  Two more are expected to graduate soon.

Vol. XVI No.3 (May - July 2004)

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