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                Mr. ANDREW “ANDY” ESPEDIDO wishes to express his gratitude to all those who supported and voted for him in the last local elections.

                Mr. Espedido, the secretary of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. ran as Kagawad under the opposition camp but lost.  Despite his defeat though, he has no bitterness in him and instead appreciate very much the kind gesture of those who gave his trust in him.

                In 2001, he ran for the same position and lost.  These two sad turnouts made him realize that politics is not really meant for him. He now vows to stay away from it but shall continue with his mission of supporting projects in the community in the best way he could as long as they are for the welfare of the people.

                He also swears to fulfill his promise of sponsoring the English & Filipino declamation contests among the Grades III-VI pupils of the Sabang Elementary School in Bulusan.

Vol. XVI No.3 (May - July 2004)

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