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For the past six years, Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. has been bringing cheers to poor Buluseño families during Christmas season through its yearly Damayan Christmas Drive.

In this gift-giving project, DBI solicits donations of various foodstuffs such as sardines, corned beef, milk, sugar, coffee, and noodles and brand new and used clothes and other personal effects.  These items are sent to Bulusan for distribution among the needy Buluseño families through the association’s local coordinating board headed by Mr. Juan G. Galindes.

The above items are augmented with rice which shall come from caring local residents.

Since its implementation in 1998, indigent Buluseño families now eagerly await for it every December.  Needless to say, it has become another successful yearly tradition of DBI.

Its success, however, is due mainly to the support of Metro-Manila-based Buluseños and local residents of Bulusan who willingly share their blessings with their less fortunate townmates.

As Christmas is now fast approaching, the association once again appeals to generous Buluseños and friends for whatever assistance they may extend to make this gift-giving activity a success like the previous ones.

For the sake of the lowly Buluseño families who long for the concern of their well-off kababayans especially on Christmas season, DBI hopes in this time of severe economic crisis, this appeal would not be in vain.

Those who wish to share may bring or send their donations to DBI during its Christmas Party at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse, Intramuros, Manila, on Sunday, December 12, 2004 at 2:00 P.M. where they are cordially invited.

For more information on this project, they may inquire from Mr. Rogelio “Elio” Fuentes, DBI president, at telephone no. 929-5277.

Vol. XVI No.4 (August  - September 2004)

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