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            Along with the DEPED policy on quality education, some heads of schools were transferred to schools where their services are more aptly needed, to wit:

 1.       Dr. Lorenzo F. de Castro is now at Gubat South Central School, Gubat South District, Gubat, Sorsogon, as Public Schools District Supervisor.  Bulusan District PSDS is vacant.

2.   2.        Dr. Romeo D. Domasian, Bulusan Central School Principal II is now at Gubat North Central School, Gubat North Disctrict.  Mrs. Rosalina P. Burabod is transferred to Bulusan Central School; she comes from Cumadcad Elementary School, Castilla West District.

      3.       In the District of Bulusan, here are the new movements:

a. Mrs. Norma H. Fumera - ESP-I - San Roque Elementary School
b. Mr. Nicolas Freo - ESP-I - Sabang Elementary School
c. Mr. Elias Fuedan - ESP-I - Buhang Elementary School
d. Mrs. Gloria P. Freo - ESP-I - Porog Elementary School
e. Mrs. Atanasia Frivaldo - ESP-I - San Antonio Elementary School
f. Mrs. Norma G. Quiñones - ESHT-III - Porog Elementary School
g. Mr. Edgardo Gabales - ESHT-II - Dancalan Elementary School
h. Mr. Ramon F. Atianza - ESHT-I - San Francisco Elementary School

            Sta. Barbara Elementary School needs a Head Teacher; while the other schools are under the Teachers-in-Charge.  Some other teachers were promoted as Master Teachers but almost eleven vacated items have not been replaced.  One of the reasons cited is the decrease in enrollment. (Juan G. Galindes)

Vol. XVI No.4 (August  - September 2004)

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