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Very soon, the Parish of St. James the Greater of Bulusan will no longer be one of the only two remaining parishes in the Province of Sorsogon with no permanent castillo or alleluiahan.  The yearly construction of its temporary structure for the Easter Sunday ritual will be a thing of the past, that is, when a concrete one rises within the church patio courtesy of the prominent Halum family.

                The Halum family made this commitment after attending the burial of their brother Martin on August 21, 2004. 

                When finished, it will be the realization of the cherished wish of the town’s newly installed parish priest, Rev. Fr. Domingo A. France, a native-born Buluseño.

                It will be recalled that since time immemorial, the castillo in Bulusan has been put up every year before the Holy Week in different places in town depending on the wish and pleasure of the parish priest and the hermano. It is usually made of light materials for easy dismantling after the occasion.

                Inspired by similar edifices (but of concrete materials) that he has seen in other parishes, Fr. France made it as one of his top priority projects in his hometown.

                Its construction may start anytime now to make it ready for next year’s Easter Sunday. £

Vol. XVI No.4 (August  - September 2004)

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