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Itís been quite a while since I wrote an article for this column.  Serving as the paperís layout artist while doing the editing works certainly drain whatever ounce of energy is left of me when I get home from work, that is, after Inoy Elio hands me the manuscripts. I currently donít have my personal computer with me that after working overtime at the office, I still have to go out and rent and do encoding jobs for the upcoming issue.  Itís only Sundays that Iím free and itís the only time that I get to use my own computer (being safe kept at a relativeís house) either for website updates, or for layout/editing works for the Gazette.

At the moment, Iíve already printed out all twelve pages of this Gazette.  Thank God, itís over and done with!  Earlier, I almost lost the entire layout Iíve been sweating with when the file I was working on suddenly seemed to have been corrupted.  Luckily, though, not much went astray Ė I was finally able to find my way out of the maze that I seemed to have created myself unintentionally.

                Having said that, this issue presents us with concerns relevant to our existence as BuluseŮos.  The association, or members of it, may express their observation on matters affecting the local community.  As much as we all want them to be, such may not always be on a positive note but always in a critical and democratic perspective Ė always leaving a room for the persons or entities concerned to have their side heard.

                Also in this issue, Iíve finally got the chance to publicly acknowledge the donations made to an organization back home.  To the donors who all wish to remain incognito, you know who you are, and we know how that self-same power sees what we do in secret Ė life is an echo: it gives back what we give, sometimes even more. 

                I guess this has been long enough to fill the space Iíve allotted to myself.  I hope you do enjoy reading through this issue.  Though some parts of it could inevitably hurt you, still there are positive notes not be ignored, for these small things, in the end, make Bulusan, our home, still a beautiful place in which to live. (bulusanon@hotmail.com)


Vol. XVI No.4 (August  - September 2004)

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