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1. The Guestbook


E-mail addresses collected through "public viewing entries" in our guestbook are understood to be available for e-mailing.

We also send a one-time e-mail for every guest book entry with the e-mail field accurately filled up.


2. Bravenet Hit Counter


This is installed in our placeholder page and records page views (including unique and returning), the referrer, the operating system and resolution over which it is viewed, and the computer's IP address. 


3. FreeFind Search Engine


This feature sends weekly & monthly search reports to the Webmaster.  The report consists of the ff: Daily Search Activity, top six (6) keywords entered, & most recent queries (including date & time).   


4. Hosted by Tripod

This website is hosted by Tripod, a free homepage server under the Lycos Network.  In return for the service, Tripod runs commercial banners  on top (and, sometimes, at the bottom) of every page.  


5. Do we record IP addresses? 


Yes.  This feature comes with our guest book and hit counter;  the purpose of which being to protect the integrity of the-above mentioned utilities & to enable us to regulate the same. 






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