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VOL. XV No. 8
June - August 2003

  LGU-Bulusan Applies For P 15-M Worth of Environmental Project

  Big Crowd Welcomes Ex-Sec Roco

  "Pista" A Hit Despite Heavy Rains

  Buluseños Celebrate Town Fiesta & 372nd Foundation Anniversary  

  PCSO Allots Medicines to LGU

  BRWSAI Board Re-organized

  Tribu Bulusanon Conducts Tree Planting and Information Campaign Programs

 Scholars' Sponsors Honored

  Martin G. Halum is the Anonymous Sponsor

  Appeal For Support To X'mas Drive 2003

  Fiesta of the Rains & Colorful Banners

 Barangay San Antonio Fiesta Celebration





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MULTI-MILLION PROJECT (Subproject site of the proposed 1,200 linear meters Seashore Protection at coastal barangays of Sabang, Mabuhay, Dapdap and Buhang)  

Sea Wall

A team of LOGOFIND consultants arrived on August 5, 2003 in connection with the application of the municipality to avail the technical and financial assistance being offered by the Local Government Finance and Development Project (LOGOFIND).  After a brief meeting with Mayor Juan G. Guysayko together with the Municipal Technical Working Group headed by Councilor Menandro F. Frayna, the group conducted site inspections and general appraisal activities on the existing and proposed shoreline protection at Barangays Mabuhay, Sabang, Dapdap, and Buhang.

The following day, the team met with the members of the TWG to gather pertinent data and provide technical assistance in the areas of technical, economic, social, environmental, and operational feasibility of the project.  To validate the social acceptability of the project, public consultations/ dialogues were conducted in the afternoon at the proposed subproject sites.

Based on the general findings, the team observes an obvious and urgent need for the proposed subproject.  Given the prevalence of erosion and considering the perennial damages to livelihood and properties caused by the onslaught of typhoons and strong waves, the proposed subproject is generally evaluated as feasible in terms of its positive socio-economic impact.

To facilitate the completion of pre-qualification and subproject appraisal requirements, the team provided the TWG with the following documents:

-          Environmental Management Plan Form (EMP)

-          Guidelines for the Conduct of Social Assessment

-          Sample questionnaires for Project Affected Persons (PAPs)

-          Resettlement and Compensation Guidelines

-          Declaration of Ownership and Voluntary Undertaking

Councilor Menandro Frayna initiated this proposed project after his official meeting with PMO representative in Manila to discuss with the gist of the LOGOFIND.  Correspondingly, the salient features and other pertinent issues of the LOGOFIND were likewise presented before the legislative body.  However, it has not been able to gain unanimous vote as expected.  To resolve the issue, the body decided to divide the house that resulted 6-4 in favor of the proposed project.

Hence, the proposed subproject entered by the municipality is classified under the blue/green environmental subproject: the LGU would receive a grant up to 70% of the total project costs.  The loan portion is only 20% and is payable for fifteen years in a simple interest rate of 12%.  Ten percent (10 %) is the equity, which will be provided by the LGU. (Binoescañoespaño)



Mr. Roco stressing a point before Buluseños in the recent Pista sa Maynila celebration where he was Guest of Honor & Speaker  

Roco in Pista sa Maynila

A very big crowd of enthusiastic Buluseños greeted former Senator and Education Secretary Raul S. Roco as he entered the basketball court of the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse, Intramuros, Manila where he was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the Pista sa Maynila celebration in honor of their Patron Saint, St. James the Greater last July 13.

Mr. Roco who arrived at 3:30 p.m. was met by Damayan-Buluseño President, Rogelio F. Fuentes; Ms. Luz Z. Gamba and Engr. Pablito R. Freo, 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, respectively; Mr. Arnel G. Fortes; and other officers as he alighted from his van and proceeded to the hall where cheering Buluseños were eagerly waiting for him.

Mr. Roco was so delighted with the song specially composed for him entitled “Raul Roco” to the tune of the old hit song “Waray Waray’ which was rendered by the Damayan-Buluseño Choir.

In his speech he appreciated the very warm welcome accorded him and his party by the Buluseños and promised that if he becomes the president of the Philippines he will not only open Malacañang to them but he will personally visit Bulusan.  This drew a big round of applause from the audience.

As a token of gratitude for his presence and sharing of his words of wisdom with the Buluseños, Mr. Fuentes, in behalf of the association, presented a Plaque of Appreciation to Mr. Roco.

Before he left, the Buluseños had a grand time having pictures taken with him.



The heavy rains that poured over Metro-Manila last July 13 did not deter the Buluseños from different points of Metro-Manila and nearby areas to go out of their homes to attend the “Pista sa Maynila” celebration in honor of their Patron Saint, St. James the Greater.

The big crowd converged at the spacious basketball court of the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse in Intramuros, Manila as early as 12:30 P.M.  including a woman who came in crutches after having been bedridden for some months due to stroke.

There could have been more who would have come if the weather were fine the whole day.  But, despite the non-cooperation of the weather, it became a challenge to the Buluseños.  Everything worked out fine from the start to the end of the celebration.

It started with a holy mass at 2:30 P.M. celebrated by newly ordained priest, Rev. Rex F. Fortes who used to be the altar boy during the early years of the monthly mass of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.  at the Manila Cathedral.

The program followed at 3:30 P.M. with the arrival of former Senator and Education Secretary Raul S. Roco who was the Guest of Honor and Speaker.

Aside from Mr. Roco’s speech, other highlights of the program were the presentation of awards to the sponsors of the four scholars who have graduated in college this year and the short talk of Undersecretary Danilo Encinas of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR).

In his closing remarks, DBI President, Rogelio F. Fuentes, appreciated the presence of his constituents particularly those who contributed foods and drinks for the occasion.  He added, he hopes the Buluseños would go on supporting the activities and projects of the association.

Buluseños Celebrate Town Fiesta & 372nd Foundation Anniversary

            Perhaps one of the most significant occasions to every Buluseño is the feast day celebration in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. James the Greater  – its intercessor and protector.    Held every 24th & 25th of July, this tradition started in the year 1630 with the creation of Bulusan as an independent parish from Casiguran.  Leaning on to what some history books declare – that Bulusan became a pueblo civil a year later, it would be safe to declare that the town itself as a political unit celebrates its 372nd anniversary this year.

            The annual town fiesta is a perfect opportunity of opening up doors in showcasing the town’s distinct tourism character.  With this is a reminder of God’s genius, the many natural wonders that abound in the locality – an absolute evidence of His existence.

            This year’s theme, “VISIT BULUSAN 2003: A Key to Becoming an Eco-tourism Destination of the Philippines”, is complemented by various activities underscoring the national advocacy for a “culture of tourism” and enhancement of ecological consciousness.

                Among the activities were:

-          Community Clean & Green Drive

-          Barangay Mid-Year Monitoring & Evaluation of Nutrition Program

-          Novena/Mass/Procession

-          Amateur Boxing Tournament

-          Marathon

-          Bikathon

-          Beer Plaza

-          Drum & Lyre Corps Competition

-          Civic Parade

-          Coronation Ball

-          Concelebrated Mass

-          Barangay Night/Raffle Draw/Awards Night

The occasion was made even more spectacular with the presence of some personalities from the local entertainment industry like actress Alma Concepcion, comedian Dinky Doe, and Kevin Bernal. (Tsinoleespaño)



Ms. Socorro Fuentes of the RHU receiving the assorted medicines and multivitamins from the councilors 



A P 50,000 – worth of assorted generic medicines and multivitamins was officially received by the LGU officials last May 22, 2003.  This is part of the Outreach Medical Donations Program of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) primarily intended for the countryside most particularly the 5th class municipalities, like Bulusan.  Below are the listed items turned over to the RHU personnel: 

No. Qty. Unit

2 136 bottles

Paracetamol Syrup 250 mg/5 ml

5 288 bottles

Multivitamin Syrup 60 ml

6 15 bottles

Multivitamin Drops

7 2,500 tabs

Amoxicillin 500 mg/cap

9 200 tabs

Co-trimoxacole cap 800 mg/160 ml

12 2,500 caps

Mefenamic Acid 500 mg

13 500 tabs

Metoprolol Tartrate 50 mg

14 2,700 tabs

Lagundi Forte

Councilor Westmoreland G. Ragasa, Chair, Committee on Health & Sanitation, who made the request, was also there to witness the proper procedure of acceptance together with other Councilors Vicente Yap, Danilo Freo, Roque Gabito and Celestino Frades.  (Tsinoleespaño)

brwsai board re-organized

            The Bulusan Rural Waterworks and Sanitation Association, Inc. held its annual general assembly and election on August 2, 2003, 1:30 in the afternoon, at the Bulusan Cultural and Sports Center.

            Among others, reports were made by the Acting Systems Superintendent, Mr. Abundio B. Camposano, Jr.; the Board President, Mr. Mauro B. Fulo; and the Board Treasurer, Mr. Pepe E. Mendizabal.

            The assembly approved a resolution requiring only at least one hundred (100) member-consumers in attendance to have a conditional quorum for the election.  The general assembly in July had a failure of election based on the required quorum in the By-Laws: one-half (1/2) plus one of the members.  If the required quorum could not be attained the conditional quorum of one-fifth (1/5) of the total number of members may be observed.   Approved also is the right to vote by either the husband or the wife.  Both are co-members of the Association.

            The Board Secretary, Mr. Floro E. Payos certified a conditional quorum and the election was held.  The results of the election and re-organization are as follows:

Board President -   Mr. Bartolome Furio
Board Vice-President -   Mr. Ordonio J. Frades
Board Secretary -   Mr. Antonio Fuster, Jr.
Board Treasurer -   Mr. Mauro B. Fulo
Board Member -   Mr. Juan G. Galindes
Actg. Sys. Supt. -   Mr. Abundio B. Camposano, Jr.

            The Association will finish paying off its loan-amortization by December 2003.  The new Board plans to improve the water service at Madlawon: either by constructing a reservoir at the barangay or by cutting the main pipe at Oroc, Madlawon and transferring the pipes to Dapdap passing Baluarte then to Dancalan.  Another option is to construct an additional reservoir at San Rafael only to give good water supply to all consumers. (JGG)



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