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Vol. XV No. 9
September - October 2003


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DBI Prexy Clarifies Donation Issue

Scholar Passes Board Exams

Support X'Mas Drive '03

Kapangihanons Celebrate Fiesta in MM

Hermano/Hermana Mayor Installed

50th Annniversary for Flower & Dagay

Senior Citizens' Day Celebrated

A Pleasure Tour For Aguilar Clan




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Brgy. Sapngan officials“A Barangay To Emulate "

            Barangay Sapngan should be a source of inspiration to other barangays in Bulusan because of the dynamic leadership of their officials and the support of their constituents.

            Although it could be one of the smallest barangays in the municipality with only 549 residents and a handful of professionals and well-off families, it has almost all the needed facilities of a barangay which others don’t have.

            In the heart of the barangay is a 537-square meter lot where stand a barangay hall, nutrition center, day care center, chapel, and a basketball court which serves also as a rice drying area and place of assembly.

            The acquisition of all these started when Mr. Salvador “Buddy” Fuller took over as Chairman of this barangay in 1991.  Through the initiative of Mr. Maximo B. Fulo, a retired school principal and the barangay secretary then, the said lot was purchased.  With his retirement pay, he advanced the payment for the lot which was paid later by the barangay on installment basis.

            With the bayanihan spirit in their hearts, the barangay officials and the residents worked together to level the ground in preparation for the construction of the barangay hall and the basketball court.

            Being an employee of SORECO I, Chairman Buddy was able to install street lights along the main road of the barangay using his one year honorarium in buying the needed materials, while all the kagawads agreed to foot the monthly electric bills.

            The project that followed was the cementing of their main road with the bags of cement and P 7,000 cash coming from the government.  To cut cost on labor, all officials and the residents volunteered their services while others served food for the workers.

            When Mr. Andres “Arî” Frando became the barangay chairman in 1997, he pushed through the programs of Chairman Buddy.  It was during his term that the day care center and nutrition center were erected with the funds from the IRA.  The chapel was also put up through the initiative of Mrs. Fe G. Monteo, a kagawad and the barangay hermana.

            Now, after the last barangay elections, Chairman Buddy was elected again to his former position together with Kagawads Celso Gacosta, Jr., Jose Furio, Edwin Sesbreño, Jerry Gamis, Francisco Gallardo, Sr., Wilfredo Gapayao, Fe G. Monteo, and Jean G. Gabitan.  Also elected SK Kagawads were: Aris Abad, Allan Dominguez, Gibson Sesbreño, Jenny Gob, Ryan Gapayao, Noreen Emberga and Janice de Vera.

            Supporting them as a team to better serve their constituents are: Marietta Dominguez – treasurer; Lea B. Peñalosa – secretary; Pacita Gamis – day-care worker; Ma. Cleofe P.  Fuller – nutrition scholar & health worker; Leticia Fuentes and Lutgarda G. Españo – health workers.

            Upon their assumption of office, they immediately put some improvements in the barangay hall to make it more presentable.  Now, it boasts of an electric fan, gas stove, curtains and table cloth, a barangay map, and a 21” TV set which only this barangay has.  An outpost is being constructed also.

            To realize their vision of “Isang pamayanang tahimik, maunlad, at mamamayang matapat, nagkakaisa, nagtutulungan at may takot sa Diyos”, they work together in all their projects and activities.  This is perhaps the reason why Barangay Sapngan was awarded recently as the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay, and was chosen eight place by the Nutrition Committee.

            Sapngan now is the object of envy by other barangays.  Visitors say, if only other barangays would have the kind of leadership of Chairmen Buddy and Arî and supportive constituents, they could also be another barangay to emulate.


Our Allen Connection

 The waters of the Embarcadero must have been rough as it has always been. The skies could have been dark and heavy with storm clouds – as if the heavens were in unison with the pain their hearts must be feeling at the thought of leaving behind the land of their fathers, the land where they’ve first seen light, where they’ve spent their childhood, where they’ve made friends and found that one true love – a place they’ve always called home until recent circumstances forced them to embark on such an exodus.

Or, the skies could have been bright, clear and devoid of any sign of an impending storm.  Like a balm to the spirits, it could have signified for them a brighter tomorrow of new beginnings – there in a place called Manipa-a, just across the turbulent seas from the southern tip of a land once called Tierra de Ibalon.  Just maybe, fate would be   kinder to them in that new and strange land.

On board that vessel were the couple Don Lorenzo Gallego and Maria Cabahug together with some of their relatives.  Also with them was the old equestrian image of Sr. Santiago  Apostol el Mayor, believed to have been carved in Spain between the 16th and 17th centuries – the one that devotees in their former town used to revere in that old stone church within the walls of Punta Diamante.

They would later on find the place already inhabited by some natives from the nearby Capul Island.  By the passing of the years, more Bicolanos would follow their lead.  The population would continuously grow in size, such that they would soon be moved to petition for their sitio’s township.  The town would gain independence by the year 1867, during which time it would also be renamed La Granja, which would be more closely associated to mean the place for persecuted families.

In 1898, as the town’s third executive, Don Lorenzo Gallego donated to the parish church their family’s image of Bulusan’s patron saint, Sr. Santiago  Apostol el Mayor (St. James the Greater) – under whose patronage their new town was also placed.

In 1903, the name La Granja was changed to Allen, in honor of Gen. Robert Allen, the American Governor General of the Visayas who liberated the region from Spain.

Two of Allen’s big barangays later on became independent municipalities: San Isidro in 1954 and Victoria in 1971 – thereby significantly reducing its land area to the present 10,579 hectares.

Today, Allen, serves as a major connecting port to Luzon with ferry services to and from Matnog, Sorsogon.


Bulusan has always been a part of Allen’s history – both oral and written, but neither Allen nor its former names has ever made a mark on Bulusan’s, or at least not in widely-publicized written accounts. It is a known fact that some Buluseño families still maintain close ties with their counterparts in Allen like the Fortadeses and the Galarosas, but Bulusan has never really had any formal & definite relationship with Allen.

Given our historical and cultural tie-ups, Bulusan and Allen could at least enter into a sisterhood pact.  As sister municipalities, we could work together as partners in economic development while strengthening our familiar ties.  This move, which would require a strong community support, gives no assurances that it would all be an easy task – but it is nevertheless one worth taking, one that would ensure solid connectivity between our two towns. 





Sa Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.


            Salamat san inpapadara niyo na Gazette.  Dianison pagbasahon lalo na an Bikol kay sugad ako sin nasa Bulusan.

            Bale 22 anyos na ako dini sa Switzerland.  An amo language dini puro German, Italian nan English kaya, naruyagon ako magbasa san Bikol Bulusan sa Gazette.

            Naogma ako san mga hinihimo niyo na puro sa kaayadan sa Bulusan lalo na sa mga pobrehon na pamilya.  Kon wara an Gazette diri ko man maaraman an kadianisan san Damayan-Buluseño.

            Sana mahatagan niyo ako san iyo Bank Account No, para maipadara ko man an danon ko.

            Sa masunod na pag-uli ko, gusto ko mabagat an mga nagtatag sini na organisasyon nan iba na mga Bulusanon.

            Keep up the good work, more power.  May God bless you.

                                                                                               (Sgd.) Wilma Frago – Hirsch


To Damayan-Buluseño,


            Greetings of Peace and Joy!

            My heartfelt gratitude to all the officers of the association most especially to my sponsor, Maj. Gen. Cesar F. Fortuno for the wonderful opportunity you have given me.

            I am one of the products of your scholarship program.  With your assistance, I have reached my goal.  I have finished my course and have just passed the board examinations for Electrical Engineering and Master Electrician.

            Thank you very much, more power!

                                                                                                (Sgd.) Marlon A. Rabulan  


Mr. Editor,


            Greetings with God’s inclusive love!

            As I read the article of Mr. Rogelio “Elio” Fuentes entitled “Sin-o An Mas Kristiano?” (June – August ’03 issue), I was surprised and challenged.  As a Chaplain and Minister of God who takes care of the spiritual needs of the people regardless of belief and creed, I love to serve the human soul which Jesus Christ saved with His Holy Blood with genuine humility and utmost concern.  This is why I am reacting positively on the said article.

            First, I was saddened by his decision to obligate himself not to act as Godfather in wedding and baptismal ceremonies, not to take communion during mass and if he dies, it would be alright with him if no priest would offer mass services for his body.  He is a true Christian in following the Pastoral Letter of the CBCP on the stand of the Catholic Church against members of Masonry.  As a Catholic Mason, he obligated himself to follow such un-Christian policy depriving him of the church practices.  On the other hand, I was greatly challenged by his boldness to express his feelings and personal stand on his beliefs and principles in life.  Following the footsteps of our beloved heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, and other Masons is more Christian than the Friars of their days.

            Secondly, I admire him so much and believe he is more Christian by what he is doing.  It is more Christian to know by heart and follow the Christianity that is taught by Christ and His disciples in the Bible.  Mr. Fuentes advocated that we should live by example as true Christians rather than just words without action.  Parallel to what St. James wrote in James 1:22 (RSV), it says: “Be doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves”.  Although I am a Protestant (United Methodist Church), I support Mr. Fuentes for opening his heart to us.  May his example be a challenge to us.  I pray that more will follow his bold decision to expose the un-Christian practices in any religion/sect as an eye-opener to everybody.

            Keep on your noble task, Mr. Fuentes.  God will greatly bless you.  God is with you always.


                                                                        (Sgd.)   REV (MAJ.) SALVADOR G. GACIAS

                                                                                    Evangelical Chaplain

                                                                                    V. Luna General Hospital

                                                                                    Quezon City



Niyan baga Sadto man

By: C. E. Ferreras - Wang
Kun diri nakaaram mangabayo si Gabriela
Diri naka sugod, nakawagayway san bandera Pilipina
Kun diri maluway-luway si Maria Clara
Nakuwa niya an gusto niya na Crisostomo Ibarra
San pagsakop san Kastila, Americano nan Hapon
Nakadulag kunta si Biyay
An katatahub san tuhod
Napugto an sintas san kamison

Di bale na mabansagan na butangera
Diri lang mapirit san katrato na namwemwersa
Kun diri sa condom na daradara
An may AIDS pira na baga

Sa daraga nato, diri  man mahahali
An pagrosaryo nan san pagnovena
Kay daghan pa man an soltero
Na kaipohan ipangadyi na tumanos an ugali

[A well-meaning Buluseña sent this to us via e-mail in reaction to Mano Andoy's poem,
"Daraga Sadto/Niyan", which was published in the previous issue of this Gazette. - Ed]



August 2003



5 -  

Antonia Gacelo Gabito 81


9 -   Gregorio Gabito 77


21 -   Rosario Gabrillo Furaque 81


21 -   Martha Pitalbo Ereño 89

San Isidro

28 -   Jaime Frontuna Fresto 68


29 -   Arnol Estinor Feolino 28

San Isidro

30 -   Segunda Fuaso Joven 87


September 2003 

1 -   Rafael Gripon Gacias 73

San Roque

12 -   Rodolfo Burton Ropaniana 63


20 -   Norberto Fulo Siapno 57


26 -   Laureano Gapas Furo 96

San Roque

28 -   Arturo Gacos Fortes 62


30 -   Cleofe Gallano Gacosta 62


October 2003

2 -   Lorenzo Funa Estinopo 35




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