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 ARCHIVED ISSUE:            
Vol. XVI No. 1
January - February 2004

   BNVTS: Stronger @ 10

No Chartered Buses for the Holy Week

No Mass for April at K of C

Foundation to Sponsor Two Projects

Add'l List of X'mas Drive '03 Donors

Lenten Season 2004

Paralegal Training Inatendiran

Poor Fire Victims Need Help

Aguilar Clan Holds Reunion

Fuentes Clan to Hold 3rd Reunion




   Sa Ngaran San Damayan


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  The Waves' Conquest

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As the lone TESDA school in the district, BNVTS has already accomplished much in just a span of ten years.

Starting out as a municipal high school funded by the Local Government Unit, the Bulusan National Vocational Technical School has certainly come a long way since its foundation in 1993.  BNVTS was one of the originally legislated Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA) school in 1995 and is currently the lone school of its kind in the 2nd District of Sorsogon.  It was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 8073 – a product of the joint efforts of the late former 2nd District Rep. Bonifacio H. Gillego, and then 1st District Rep. Salvador Escudero III.

From a patch of hilly land in Banban, Lower San Jose, just over Poctol—the school has slowly but surely risen from its humble beginnings of anahaw-roofed, bamboo-walled, and earthen-floored school buildings to its current comparatively efficient inventory of facilities and equipments, which include concrete class rooms, an automated library, a garments room, a computer room, a canteen, a mini amphitheater, audio-visual and communications facilities (including a telephone line with internet access), a service car – the list goes on.

            As of end of last year, the school has a total of 296 students enrolled in the different curricular offerings.  This figure is not concentrated in Bulusan alone, as students coming from the other 2nd district municipalities are also studying at BNVTS.  This is made possible through partnerships with the respective LGUs. 

            One major program of the school is the Community-Based Training for Enterprise Development  (CBTED) wherein the “school serves as a leading partner, initiator and facilitator of quality skills training programs and services for the development of technically skilled and enterpreneurially inclined workforce with positive work values for the progress of Bulusan and beyond”.  In CBTED, partnerships are established with various GOs, NGOs, and LGUs.  Doing so would thus strengthen livelihood programs to service areas – Bulusan, for instance.

            To date, BNVTS already has strong tie ups with different agencies and industries (39 as of 2003) which serve as training areas for the students under the Dual Training System. 

In its Annual Acomplishment Report (CY 2003), the school proves yet again its real worth, in terms of direct training delivery, extension and outreach programs, research and development, faculty development, facilities development, systems development, income generating projects (IGPs) in support to instruction, and general administation and support services (GASS).  For the last two (2) years, BNVTS has been garnering a competency assessment rating of 40% in the evaluation reports.

In the conduct of the aforementioned BNVTS programs, projects and activites and in order to achieve the desired results for the year 2003, Three Million Four Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Pesos (P3,424,000.00) for personnnel service, and Three Million Three Hundred Eighty-nine Thousand Pesos (P3,389,000.00) for maintenance and other operating expenses had been utilized.

BNVTS’s matrix is now targeted towards the Philippine Quality Awards (PQA), which, when realized, would be an apt reaffirmation of its high academic and training standards.

            The following courses are being offered at BNVTS, asidefrom short terms courses (extension programs) in garments, electricity, computer, food tech, agri-tech/agri-business, and handicraft:

-          3 yr Dualized Certificate in Agribus/Agri-Tech

-          2 yr Dualized Certificate in Electrical Tech – NC- II

-          1 yr Dualized Certificate in Automotive Tech – NC-I

-          1 yr Dualized Certificate in Garments Technology – NC-I

Interested parties may see or call any of the following: Mr. Jose G. Geñorga – VSA I, Mrs. Janet D. Diño – Registrar, Mr. Gregorio R. Tagalicud Jr. – CTEC, or Mrs. Jenelyn L. Dino – Guidance Counselor.  They may be contacted thru Tel. No. (056) 311-0160.



            Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. would like to announce that there would be no chartered buses for Buluseños who will be coming home for the Holy Week in Bulusan as there is no Damayan Homecoming this year.

            This announcement is made so Buluseños in Metro-Manila who intend to spend the Lenten Season in Bulusan would not expect the chartered buses that the association usually has when there is a homecoming in Bulusan.


            There will be no mass for the Buluseños on April 10 at the Knights of C olumbus Clubhouse as it falls on Easter Sunday when most of the Buluseños are in Bulusan or elsewhere to spend the Holy Week.

            Instead, the next mass will be held on May 9 at the same venue. This was decided upon by the board of directors of the Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. in its meeting February 8.

            This monthly mass of DBI has been regularly held every second Sunday at 2:00 p.m. since 1981.  It is only when the second Sunday coincides with Easter Sunday that it is deferred.

foundation to sponsor two projects


            Two significant projects meant for poor Buluseños which have been undertaken by Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. since 1983 will now be sponsored by the Damayan-Buluseño Foundation, Inc. starting this year. These are: 1) the yearly Civic Action or Free Medical/Dental Clinic & Operation: Tule in Bulusan, and 2) the Scholarship Through Sponsorship Program.

            This year’s Civic Action, as usual, will be conducted on Black Saturday, April 10. Aside from this activity, the foundation is also contemplating on sponsoring free operations on harelipped, cases, goiter, cysts, etc. in any of the hospitals in the province in cooperation with doctors from a well-known hosp ital in Metro-Manila. It will be a combined medical mission and promotion of tourism as the doctors wil be guided on a tour around the town and nearby areas after the operations to see for themselves and appreciate our different natural tourist attractions.  Details of which will be announced through this Gazette when the plans have been finalized.

            In the scholarship program, most probably two scholars may be taken in this coming school year for engineering and education courses.

            To qualify for these slots, the applicant must be a son or daughter of a Buluseño family, of good moral character, among the top five graduates from any of the high schools in Bulusan or Metro-Manila, must belong to the poorest family among the top five, and must enroll in a state university or college in Sorsogon City, Legaspi City, or Metro-Manila.

            The foundation may also consider sponsoring scholars in vocational courses in a TESDA school like VOCTECH in Bulusan.

            The Scholarship Through Sponsorship Program was started by DBI in 1983.  As of last year, 25 scholars have already graduated in different courses.  This year, two more are expected to graduate.              More details will be announced later when everything is ironed out not only on the qualification of the applicant but also on the obligations of the scholar and the parents which will be stipulated on a Memorandum of Agreement to be signed by  them, the sponsor and the foundation.



            In the last issue of this Gazette (November–December 2003), there were donors to the Damayan-Christmas Drive ’03 whose names failed to make it to the donor list.

            They were: Honorata Fulo Furiscal, Danny Gabales, Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Gapas, Beata Gojar, Kay Tanieca & Family, Mrs. Rosario G. Dy, Ben Galiza, Brendalyn Gañas, Galido Family, Elda Garcia, Palerma Habig, and four envelopes bearing no names.

            Our sincere apologies for not indicating the exact amount of their donations as all the money contained in those envelopes were all mixed up when they were opened.

            The DBI thanks the above-mentioned donors for their willingness to share whatever they could to help realize this yearly gift-giving project for indigent Buluseños.


            Lent is a preparation for the celebration of Easter.  The liturgy of the church prepares the faithful for the celebration of the paschal mystery.  It also prepares the faithful who recall their baptism and do penance in preparation for Easter (Roman Calendar n. 27).

            Ash Wednesday, February 25, this year, is the start of the season.  The ashes used by the priests to mark the parishioners’ foreheads with a cross come from the burned branches/twigs blessed during last year’s Passion Sunday.  During the ritual, the priest says: “Remember, man, you are dust and to dust you will return (Gen. 3:19)."

            For forty weekdays—Ash Wednesday to Easter Eve, the faithful observe fasting and penance in commemoration of Christ’s fasting and temptation in the wilderness.  As Catholics, we observe fasting and abstinence on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, while on all Fridays in Lent we observe abstinence.  Abstinence is not eating meat while fasting is eating only one full meal for the day.

            This coming Holy Week Celebration, the Hermano/Hermana Mayor, Mr. & Mrs. Reynaldo D. Din (nee Corazon Gallardo Gallanosa) of Mabuhay, are now busy preparing for the Passion Sunday (Hossana), the entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem; Holy Thursday, Washing of the Feet of the Disciples and the institution of the Holy Eucharist (The Last Supper); and Good Friday, the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary.

Meanwhile, members of the St. James Youth Choir under Mr. Ricardo F. Galve are now rehearsing the singing of the Siete Palabras  -- a meditation on the seven last words of Jesus on the cross.  The public Via Crucis around the poblacion may be done in the morning.

            We also have a series of processions: Passion Sunday–the entry of Jesus to Jerusalem, Holy Wednesday–in honor of the Sorrowful Mother of Jesus, and Good Friday–in honor of the Santo Entierro.

In the evening of Black Saturday, just before the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we will have the following: Blessing of the Fire, Blessing of the Water, and then during the Easter vigil, the renewal of Baptismal Vows.

The dawn breaks with another procession for the Salubong and Dagit. Indeed, the resurrection itself is yet another reason for us to rejoice. Christ’s empty tomb means for us a new lease on life. Happy Easter, everyone!  (JGG)


Inimbitaran an siyam (9) na miembro san TRIBU san Pederasyon ng Nagkakaisang Samahan ng Bundok Bulusan (PNAGSAMA) san nakaagi na Agosto 2003 sa LIKAS. An PNAGSAMA sayo na pederasyon na napaparticiparan san mga bantay gubat na hale sa mga manlain-lain na barangay na nasasakupan san Buulusan Volcano National Park.  Oya dine an hale sa San Jose, San Isidro, San Francisco, San Roque, nan Sta. Barbara—mga barangay na hale sa Bulusan.  Pwera pa sini imbitado man an mga kagawad na hale sa Sangguniang Barangay na nasa palibot san nasabing parke.

            Sa nasabi na aktibidad, pinasabot nan tinukduan an mga participantes manongod sa mandato nan trabaho san paralegal.  Inisplikar man sa hinimo na pagsasanay an papel san gobyerno bilang sayo na ahensya na may dako na responsabilidad sa pag-implementar san mga leyes para sa kapalibutan pareho san P.D. 705 o Forestry Law, RA 7586 o ingagahoy na National Integrated Protected Areas Systemn (NIPAS) nan an Chainsaw Act.  Kaupod pa sa inadalan san mga participantes an pagsang-at sin kaso, mga diretsos san Bantay Gubat nan an pagkumpiskar, pag-imbestigar, pagkalap ebidensya, paghimo legal na dokumento nan an mga estratehiya sa pagpatrolya.

            Kadanon sa pagpasabot nan pagtukar san mga tema an Tanggol Kalikasan sa persona nira Atty. Edward Lorenzo, Atty. Ronaldo Gutierrez, Atty. Edward Relucio nan Jun Narvade.  Kaupod man sa nasabi na pagsasanay an Protected Area Superintendent na si Lemuel Soriano san Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Si Ka Lito Trias san Task Force Kalikasan na hali man sa Morong, Bataan mao man an nagtratar san mga estratehiya manungod san patrolya.

            Parte san nasabi na actibidad mao an aktwal na pagmanman o pagpatrolya, pero an nadidibesar sagkod sa presente mao an awaton na pagdeputized kan mga Bantay Gubat nan TRIBU Bulusanon.  Apesar san dako nira na danon para maprotektahan an KAPALIBUTAN. (tribu)

Poor fire victims need help

            A poor family of five in Barangay Lalud, Bulusan, is badly in need of help from some good Samaritans after their shanty was razed to the ground at midnight of Friday, February 27, 2004

            Rendered homeless with only their clothes on were Erneo Fuellas, a laborer; his wife Anita or Aday; and their three children, Judy, Jean and Jogie—all high school students at the Talaonga Barangay High School.

            According to Aday, the fire could have been caused by electrical faulty wiring.  She said, they were all asleep when the fire started at about 11:45 p.m.  Because the house was of light materials, the fire gutted the entire structure in just a few minutes.

            As narrated by Aday, it was when she felt the very hot body temperature of Jogie that she was awakened and saw their anahaw rood in flames.

            Penniless and with all their wordly possessions gone, they are now staying with Erneo’s brother’s family who lives nearby, and are relying on doleouts from concerned neighbors for their daily existence.

It is this misfortune that came to their lives that they are begging for some clothes and financial assistance so they can rebuild their shanty and start life again.

What worries much the couple are the studies of their children. All their books, notebooks, uniforms and other school things were turned to ashes.

Judy will be graduating this March; Jean is in second year while Jogie is in first year.

            The family would be very grateful and and would appreciate very much whatever kind of help concerned readers of the Gazette could extend to them.

            Initially, they received P1,000.00 from Mayor Juan G. Guysayko and P500.00 from an anonymous donor.


The Aguilar clan held their reunion last December 27, 2003 at Dancalan Beach Resort in Barangay Dancalan, Bulusan, Sorsogon. The said reunion was originally planned as a tour in Baguio City on December 26-28, 2003, as previously announced in the past issue of the Gazette but low temperature dropping to 12 degrees Celsius forced the plan to be shelved.

            Usually, the reunion is held during the Holy Week but since there is an election this year, it was decided to celebrate it earlier since it will just coincide with the campaign activities of some of its members who are seeking elective posts.

            Despite the heavy downpour of rain and the strong winds brought by exiting Typhoon Zigzag, the affair went on as planned and no amount of heavy rain and strong winds could dampen the spirits of the participants.

            During the fellowship program, Honorable Mayor Juan G. Guysayko of Bulusan, the present clan chairman, gave an inspirational message. He stressed that said affair had no political color but rather an affair of family unity and cooperation. He encouraged everyone to participate actively in whatever project is being undertaken by the clan. He also emphasized the importance of family relationship which according to him, must not be sacrificed nor affected by politics.

            Everybody enjoyed the parlor games and presentations by some clan members especially the “ocho-ocho” dance number of the lolos and the lolas who received a prize of P700.00 each only because, according to the chairman, they were not able to finish the number. Meanwhile, the adult participants received throw pillows, courtesy of Councilor and Mrs. Menandro Frayna.

            Everybody savored the sumptuous lunch as there were plenty of foods contributed by the clan members. Although some members from Irosin and Sorsogon were not able to attend, nevertheless, they still sent their assigned foods.

            As the most awaited part of the program, the raffle draw was far from a disappointment as all participants received Christmas gifts courtesy of donations both from local and Metro Manila members.

            The reunion ended at 3:00 p.m. (Renato J. Frayna)


            Hundreds of members of the Fuentes Clan are expected to converge at the Bulusan Cultural & Sports Complex on Black Saturday, April 10, 2004 to celebrate their 3rd Grand Reunion.

            The Fuentes Clan which has been holding its grand reunion every other year since year 2000 is the second biggest clan in Bulusan next only to the Furio Clan.  Most of its members who will troop to their gathering will come from the towns of Sta. Magdalena, Bulan, Irosin, Barcelona, Gubat, Sorsogon City and all the way from Metro-Manila and nearby areas.

            In their meeting last February 29 at the function room of the Cultural Center in Bulusan, Mr. Rogelio F. Fuentes, the clan chairman and organizer, urged the members present to encourage all the other members in their areas to come and actively participate in this affair and in all the occasions of the clan to show that they are a big, closely-knit family.

            Among the activities in their celebration are the introduction of members by barangay, presentation of various entertainment numbers, parlor games, business meeting and election of officers for 2004-2006 and induction.  Special prizes will be given to the oldest male and female members who will attend, the family which has the biggest number of members present and the member who will come from the farthest place.

            In the said meeting, Mr. Fuentes seriously told those present that as much as possible he would like to meet all the members of the clan in their coming reunion as it could be his last occasion to be with them.  He was insinuating that something tragic might happen to him as an aftermath of his bold denunciation of the abuses of the rebels and the postes, the rampant illegal logging which denuded our forests, the electoral malpractices which eroded much the moral values of our people, and other illegal vices.

            In the same meeting, he distributed to the members copies of the Damayan-Buluseño Gazette and asked the clan secretary, Ningning Fuentes, to read aloud the full text of what he wrote in his column entitled, “An Totoo Na Katuyuhan – II” which contains the denunciations he made.

            After listening to what was read from the Gazette, Mr. Arturo F. Fuentes, the clan vice-chair, praised their president for his courage to risk his life for the sake of peace in their hometown.  He also urged the members of their clan to pray for the safety of their president.     




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