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Vol. XVI No. 3
May - July 2004

  Former Sec Lina Lauds DBI

Pista Sa Maynila: Another Big Hit

Now, For the Fiesta Back Home...

DBFI Has Three Scholars This Year

Former Scholar Now Teaches at IHMS

Elections Set On Nov. 14

Monthly Mass on 23rd Year

Two Sponsors Receive Awards

Andy Espedido Thanks Supporters

Municipality of Bulusan - Infrastructure Projects

Support the Administration, Says Gen. Fortuno



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Former DILG Sec. Joey Lina speaking before a crowd of attentive Buluseños in the recent Pista sa Maynila celebration                 Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. was lauded by former Secretary Jose D. Lina, Jr. of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) for the association’s various civic, religious and humanitarian activities for the past twenty years.  This has been the gist of his inspirational message to the big crowd of Buluseños who attended the Pista sa Maynila  celebration last July 11 at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse where he was the Guest of Honor and Speaker.

                His compliments were based on the list of accomplishments of DBI which was published in one of the previous issues of the Damayan-Buluseño Gazette. What impressed him more is the regular monthly mass since 1981 which has not yet been done by any other town organization, and the various forms of service the association extends to the community especially the masses.

                He urged the officers and members of DBI to continue with its mission for the glory of God.

                In response to his very inspiring message, Rogelio F. Fuentes, DBI president, appreciated the very kind gesture shown by the former secretary for honoring their invitation despite his very hectic schedule.

                Former Sec. Lina won the admiration of the Buluseños because of his eloquence in public speaking and his sterling record as public servant of national stature which remains unmatched by most of our leaders today.

                From being an active street parliamentarian at the age of 17 during the martial law days, he rose to become the Governor of Metro-Manila and General Manager of Metro-Manila Commission under the administration of then President Corazon Aquino.  In the election that followed, he was elected the youngest senator.  For two terms, he served in the Senate and earned for him the honor of being the Number Two in terms of accomplishments by the Senate Policy Review and Research Division.

                He became the top local government chief executive when he served as Governor of Laguna.  Under his administration, Laguna was catapulted to the honor of being the most outstanding province in the entire country.

                When President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo took over the presidency after EDSA II in 2001, he was appointed as Secretary of the DILG – the most powerful agency of the national government wherein he made several accomplishments foremost of which being the dismantling of illegal drug laboratories in Metro-Manila and other areas.

DBI president Rogelio F. Fuentes presenting the award to the former secretary.  Looking on are  (from left): Engr. Pablito R. Freo, Ms. Luz Z. Gamba, Ms. Ana Maglasang, and Ret. Maj. Gen. Cesar F. Fortuno                When Mr. Fuentes invited him as Guest of Honor and Speaker in the affair, the former secretary was still in his post.  His being in control of the different law enforcement agencies and local officials under him gave Mr. Fuentes the idea that he coud be the most appropriate official in the national government from whom the Buluseños could hear on the agency’s program on how it will address the prevailing peace and order problem in the Province of Sorsogon which has become a big hindrance to the promotion of tourism particularly in the town of Bulusan where most of the tourist attractions could be found.

                Unfortunately, a few days before the affair of DBI, Sec. Lina tendered his resignation from his post.  But, being the true gentleman that he is, Sec. Lina fulfilled his commitment to DBI and went on to become this year’s Pista sa Maynila Guest of Honor and Speaker.                  



The Pasigyaw dancers of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig                The officers of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. and the Buluseños who attended the Pista sa Maynila celebration last July 11 all agree it was a big success.  This yearly affair in honor of Bulusan’s patron saint, St. James the Greater, was held at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse, Intramuros, Manila.

                As usual, the activities kicked off with a holy mass at 2:00 P.M. with two Buluseño priests close to DBI as celebrants – Rev. Fr. Domingo A. France and Rev. Fr. Rex F. Fortes.

                For more than a year, Fr. France celebrated the DBI’s monthly mass when he was chaplain at the San Juan de Dios hospital where he was then under medical treatment.  Fr. Fortes used to be an altar boy during the Manila Cathedral masses of the association when he was still a kid together with his elder brother.

                The priests (from left): Fr. France and Fr. FortesThe program that followed was opened with the very touching invocation by Ms. Luz Z. Gamba, 1st vice-president of DBI which was made even more touching with the solemn singing by the choir of the spiritual song, Come Holy Spirit in the background.

                Mr. Melchor A. Hasta led the singing of the national anthem while Mr. Andy D. Espedido led the singing of the association’s official hymn, the Himno ng Damayan-Buluseño. 

                Engr. Pablito R. Freo, the 2nd vice-president, delivered the welcome address .  This was followed by a song from Ms. Marissa D. Frando, a scholar of the Damayan-Buluseño Foundation, Inc.

                Two important personalities gave their messages: retired Maj. Gen. Cesar F. Fortuno and former DILG Secretary Jose D. Lina, the Guest of Honor & Speaker.At the presidential table

                Two native dances were likewise presented by the Pasigyaw, the dance troupe of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig whose attendance was made possible by Mrs. Marichu F. Arellano, a dance directress at the said university.

                The musical number that drew excitement and applause from the audience was the Bicol medley rendered by the Damayan-Buluseño Choir led by Mr. Andy D. Espedido.

                Other features of the program were the awarding of plaques of recognition to the two sponsors of the scholars of the association who have just graduated from college.The emcees: Ms. Marichu Fuentes - Arellano and Mr. Andy Espedido

                In his closing remarks, Mr. Fuentes expressed his gratitude to all those who attended the celebration most particularly those who gave their share of involvement that made the occasion another big hit for the Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.







Engr. Pablito R. Freo, DBI 2nd vice-president, with his welcome address












Members of the DBI choir with their Bicol medley
















This year’s fiesta has been a huge success with the preparations starting as early   as the month of May with the two-month long Community Clean & Green Drive.  From July 16-24, the usual novena/mass/procession tradition was observed. 

                The gay group held their activities in three dates with the Search for Miss Gay on July 19th, the Karantahan Contest of July 20th, and the Dance Contest of July 21st. 

                July 22 was a treat for boxing aficionados with the Bakbakan sa Bulusan held at the new municipal auditorium.  Ruelle Ferreras of Sitio Lubas, San Rafael emerged winner in the 6-round fight. In the 3-round category, the following gave the best of their punches (from first to ninth places respectively):: Bernardo Ferreras (Sitio Lubas, San Rafael), Alvin Fusieran (Sitio Lubas, San Rafael), Junie Fuga (San Jose), Jose Tigao (San Roque), Daniel Ferreras (Sitio Lubas, San Rafael), Gilbert Sesbreño (Sapngan), Mercorio Gacos (San Jose), Darwin Gacos (San Jose), and Miguel Gacos (San Jose)..

                At around 6 AM of July 23rd was a Bikathon.  Winners were:  Ian Cielo (1st), Eddie Refugio (2nd), Jomar Gacosta (3rd), Junnel Blasquiño (4th), and Alex Fragio (5th).  A consolation prize of P400 each was given to all the others who finished the lap.  At 8 AM, the civic parade around the poblacion commenced.  At 8 PM, the Beer Plaza featuring the KAKTOOZ Band back-to-back with the Royal Band officially opened

                During the vespera, July 24th, was a Drum & Lyre Competition wherein the venerable group from the Jose S. Reyes Memorial Foundation captured the top prize of P4,000.  Other winners were: Bulusan High School (2nd – P3,000), San Roque National High School (3rd – P2,000), and Buhang National High School (4th – P2,000)..  There was

 also an exhibit featuring the biggest suman ever made in town, of which Barangay Salvacion emerged the culinary expert of them all. 

                In the evening, the coronation ceremony for the reigning beauties took place.  Her Majesty Queen Ruby Din headed the line of beauties followed by her ladies in waiting -  1st Princess Anna Marie Gallinera, 2nd Princess Aileen Joy Gamil, 3rd Princess Christine Firmanes, and 4th Princess Sarah Gonzales.

                The traditional high mass on the feast day, July 25th, finished off the religious activities.  At 8 in the evening was the Barangay Night held at the municipal auditorium.  Awarding ceremony & raffle draws capped the activities.

(with reports from Binoescañoespaño 7/04 and J. G. G.)



Balancio Frando Furo

                After its first humanitarian undertaking in Bulusan, the successful civic action last April 10 wherein 648 indigents were the beneficiaries, the Damayan-Buluseño Foundation, Inc. is now on its main objective: to grant scholarships in college and vocational courses to deserving children of poor Buluseño families. This is the continuation of the scholarship program of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc., the umbrella organization of the foundation, which has already produced twenty-seven professionals and is currently supporting two remaining scholars in college.

                This school year DBFI has three scholars in engineering and education courses in different schools in Manila and Sorsogon City.  Taking up Mechanical Engineering at the Sorsogon State College is John Anthony G. Balancio.  Sponsored by a Buluseño based abroad who requested anonymity, John Anthony graduated 2nd Honorable Mention from the Jose S. Reyes Memorial Foundation, Inc. (JSRMFI) in Bulusan.  He is the son of Antonio Balancio, a balut vendor, and Ruth Galon of Barangay Sabang.

                Enrolled at the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) is Jenielyn D. Furo, a salutatorian, also from JSRMFI.  She is taking up education.  She is the daughter of Roman Furo, a carpenter and Luz Dematera of Barangay Madlawon.  Her sponsor is Ms. Nenita Somatiza of Laguna but who is now based in Pasig City.

                Also taking up education at the Philippine Normal University (PNU) is Marissa D. Frando, a 4th Honorable Mention graduate from the Paradise Farm National High School in San Jose del Monte where she had been the editor-in-chief of their school organ.  A daughter of Abner Frando and Leonora Dollosa of Barangay San Francisco, Marissa is now a regular member of the PNU Chorale.  Her sponsor is Mr. Francisco Fernandez, Jr. of Mandaluyong City.

                Before they were taken in as scholars, together with their parents/guardians they were interviewed and screened thoroughly by the board of trustees composed of Mr. Rogelio Fuentes, the chairman; Ms. Luz Gamba, the vice chairman; Engr. Pablito Freo, the treasurer; Mr. Ulpiano Sorra, the secretary; and retired Maj. Gen. Cesar Fortuno, the auditor.  Both scholars and their parents were reminded of their responsibilities and were further advised by Gen. Fortuno to maintain humility at all times.

                In its meeting immediately after the interview with the scholars, the board of trustees decided that starting next school year, only graduates from the four high schools in Bulusan will be taken in as scholars namely: Jose S. Reyes Memorial Foundation, Inc., Bulusan High School, San Roque National High School, and Buhang National High School.

                The applicants must belong to the poorest family among the top seven graduates (from the valedictorian down to the fifth honorable mention).  They have to be recommended by the school authorities concerned to the foundation for evaluation and approval, and shall enroll in a state university or college in Metro-Manila, Legaspi City, or Sorsogon City.

                They Foundation may also sponsor next school year scholarships in vocational courses at the Bulusan National Vocational and Technical School in Bulusan.

                The Foundation would like to remind the applicants for scholarship particularly in college that unlike before when Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. was very lenient on their studies, this time, their grades would be strictly monitored.   They have to maintain a general average of not lower than 2.00 at the end of the semester.  Their scholarship grants will be terminated the moment they fail to maintain the required grades of them in three semesters.

                Also, their allowance for the whole semester will be given in three installments so that the family will not be tempted to spend the money on something else.

                All these and others are stipulated in the Memorandum of Agreement, which will be entered into, by the scholars and their parents/guardians and the Foundation.


Salvacion GardonMiss Salvacion Gardon, a former scholar of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. is now teaching in the second grade offering of the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Bulusan, a Catholic school run by Franciscan sisters.

                Miss Gardon graduated last year in Education from the Bicol University in Legaspi City with high scholastic records.

                In 1999, she graduated high school valedictorian from then Jose S. Reyes Memorial Institute (JSRMI) in Bulusan.  A daughter of a poor family in Barangay Poctol, Bulusan, she was taken in as a scholar of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. in its Scholarship Through Sponsorship Program.

                Her four-year scholarship was sponsored by Mr. Martin G. Halum, a kindhearted Buluseño businessman based in New Jersey, USA.

                Inspired by reports of her high grades in school which he received regularly after every semester, Mr. Halum sent an additional amount, aside from her regular allowance – for her graduation necessities.




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