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Vol. XV No. 10
November - December 2003

  Cong. Solis is Christmas Party Guest

Return Bout in 2004 Elections

Donations Pour In for Damayan Christmas Drive '03

A Foundation is Born

Grand Lady Passes Away

DBI Now Focuses on CIVAC

Another Scholar Passes Board Exams

Christmas  '03 for the Elders

Pasko ng Pamilya '03

Barangay Officials Give Away Gifts to Constituents

Marikina Experience: An Archetype to Boost the LGU's Tourism Industry




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CONG. JOSE G. SOLIS of the second district of Sorsogon speaking before a crowd of Buluseños

Honorable Jose G. Solis, representative of the 2nd District of Sorsogon, was the Guest of Honor and Speaker at the Christmas Party of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. on December 14, 2003 at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse, Intramuros, Manila.

Cong. Solis

Before the crowd of Buluseños and other guests which included former Sorsogon OIC Vice-Governor Eddie Frivaldo, his sister Josephine and son Vladimir – Congressman Solis spoke on his sterling accomplishments in his district the last two and a half years of his term.  Particulary, he reported on the recent passage into law of RA 9176 otherwise known as the Extension of the Free Patent Act, whose mother bill was of his principal authorship. 

This new law which was just enacted last November 13, 2003, provides for the extension for the filing of free patents, or the titling of agricultural lands, until December 31, 2020, a 20-year extension from the original deadline set by RA 6490  - thus, enabling the government to distribute more lands especially to the poor farmers and landless across the country.

            According to the solon, his priority is education that’s why he saw to it that more public schools be put up in the different towns and barrios to accommodate the growing number of students every year and give opportunity to the poor to acquire quality education.

Upon knowing of the yearly gift-giving project of Damayan-Buluseño dubbed as Damayan Christmas Drive, Congressman Solis handed a check of P 25,000 to Mr. Rogelio F. Fuentes, the association’s president, as his contribution which was well-applauded by the Buluseños.  He also pledged to support other projects of the association.

            In response, Mr. Fuentes presented to him a Plaque of Appreciation for his very nice gesture.

            Although he was a bit late in coming to the party, he was admired by the association’s officers and other Buluseños for trying his best to honor their invitation.  Despite the fact that he had a commitment in his hometown of Bulan a day before, he exerted all efforts to be back in Manila by land just to catch up with his appointment with them.

            The party was attended by a big crowd of Buluseños representing the 24 barangays of Bulusan.  They came from different points of Metro-Manila and nearby provinces bringing with them their assigned foods and donations to Damayan Christmas Drive ’03.

            As usual, the affair was ushered in by a mass at 2:00 P. M. which was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Alex Jerus of Sorsogon City.

            To boost the Christmas spirit in the celebration, all the officers, members of the choir and other Buluseños were in red and bright-colored attire.

            Unlike in Christmas parties of the association in the past wherein the entertainment numbers were rendered by individual performers, this time the audience including the guests led by the choir joined in the lively singing of popular Christmas carols like Joy to the World, Hark the Herald and Ang Pasko ay Sumapit.

            Indeed, it was another very successful afffair for the Damayan-Buluseño.




            In this year's elections, Buluseños will witness again the return bout of two political dynasties for the mayoral seat which they bitterly fought for in 2001.

The contenders are re-electionist Mayor Juan G. Guysayko and Jose Rene S. Halum whom the former beat in the 2001 elections.

            Mayor Guysayko who is a retired PNP Colonel before he entered politics, is the son of the late former Mayor Vicente Guysayko Sr. and the former Maria Gutierrez of Barangay Buhang; the first cousin of Provincial Board Member and Municipal Mayor and now Provincial Administrator Erwin G. Guysayko and first cousin also of the late Willis Fortades, husband of former municipal mayor and now Vice-Mayor Nelly G. Fortades.

            On the other hand, Mr. Halum of Barangay Poctol who is a businessman, is the son of the late Paciente G. Halum and the former Otelia Sesbreño; younger brother of Dr. Oscar S. Halum who served for three consecutive terms as municipal mayor and nephew of Dr. Rogado G. Halum who served for a long time also as municipal mayor.

            Running for vice-mayor under the administration is Kagawad Menandro F. Frayna of Barangay Sabang, an industrial engineer/businessman and married to Noemi Gallego, also of Sabang.

            In the opposition side is his first cousin, Kagawad Danilo G. Freo of Barangay Sta. Barbara, a retired Air Force captain.

            The candidates for councilor or kagawad under the admininstration party are: Kagawad Manuel Bañares of Barangay Dapdap, a re-electionist for the third term; Mr. Reynaldo D. Din, a retired public school teacher from Barangay Sabang; Mr. Leonardo F. Firmanes, a former kagawad for three terms, an agriculture graduate, and a farmer; incumbent Vice-Mayor Nelly Gacosta-Fortades, a former municipal mayor; Mr. Pedro G. Frando, a businessman from Barangay Central and former kagawad for three terms; Mr. Pierre S. Geva of Barangay Central & Sabang, a businessman who once served as in-charge for barangay affairs under the office of the Provincial Governor; and Kagawad Vicente G. Yap of Buhang, a third term re-electionist.

            In the opposite camp, candidates for councilors are: Mr. Gerry G. Espaldon of Barangay Buhang, a former barangay chairman; Mr. Andrew D. Espedido of Barangay Sabang, a restaurateur who also serves as secretary of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. and who, despite his being Metro-based, regularly goes back and forth to Bulusan for business transactions; Kagawad Celestino F. Frades of Barangay Looban, an agriculture graduate and a second term re-electionist; Kagawad Roque G. Gabito of Barangay San Roque, a re-electionist for the second term, a businessman, and a part-time driving instructor; Mrs. Matilde Fortajada-Gamba also of San Roque, a retired public school teacher; Mrs. Elizabeth Gallego-Gabad of Barangay Porog, a retired public school teacher; Mr. Melchor A. Hasta of Barangay Madlawon, a representative of a brokerage firm in Metro-Manila and former director of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. and like Andrew, most often goes home to Bulusan for his business transactions; and Mr. Domingo G. Tan of Barangay Central and Buhang, a businessman.



sorting through old & new clothes donated for the Christmas Drive

            More than 500 poor Buluseño families and individuals were the recipients of Damayan-Christmas Drive ’03, a yearly gift-giving project of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.

            In the distribution of gifts held before the New Year, 276 families from the different barangays received bags each containing rice, corned beef, sardines, noodles, sugar, coffee, milk, and juice plus one carton of assorted new and used clothings and 15 packs of noodles for barangay officials.  Brand new dusters, t-shirts, and shorts were also given away to 118 residents of Barangay Sapngan by former Chairman Andres “Ari” Frando courtesy of Ms. Ma. Ana C. Maglasang who donated the items to Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. intended directly for Sapngan’s residents.  Ms. Maglasang, a Metro-Manila businesswoman, was the sponsor of the scholarship of Cherry Fuasa.

            Shoes and slippers were divided among the barangays for distribution to their constituents while 4 cartons of noodles were given away to the Senior Citizens League and 3 cartons to the Family Life Apostolate.

            Reserved for the boy scouts are 20 pieces new t-shirt and 6 pieces jogging pants, while the girl scouts get complete uniform sets.

            The success of this Christmas Drive was made possible with the support of Buluseños and friends who responded to the appeal of the association and gave their share by way of cash and in kind donations.

            Leading the list of cash donors was Congressman Jose G. Solis of the second district of Sorsogon who handed a check of P25, 000 to DBI president Rogelio F. Fuentes during the association’s Christmas Party last December 14 at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse.  Other cash donors were: Anonymousp-P2, 000; Ms. Nenita Somatiza-P2, 000; Mr. & Mrs. Edwin G. Gonzales-P1, 500; Mr. Reynaldo Labrador-P1, 500; Mr. Frank Fernandez, Jr.-P1, 500; Mrs. Salvacion Arcos-Clavecilla-P1, 500; Ms. Lanie D. Gabionza-P1, 200; Anonymous-P1, 000; Anonymous-P1, 000; Dannie/Mellie Paniza-P1, 000; Anonymous-P1, 000; Ms. Josephine Frivaldo-P1, 000; Mrs. Celenia Gallinera-Ang-P1, 000; Mr. & Mrs. Recto F. Reyes-P500; Maj. Gen. Cesar F. Fortuno-P500; Mrs. Myrna Paez-Castillo-P500; Ms. Merly May Gamba-P500; Mrs. Ester Gabionza-Tagle-P500; Mrs. Nora Ainza-P200; Ms. Sally France-P150; Mrs. Pilar Galao-Pleyto-P100; Mr. Erasto Abitona-P100; Mrs. Mabel Geñorga-So-P100; Mr. Leo Enteria-P100; and Ms. Corazon Adornado-P100.

            Those who donated various food stuffs were: Ms. Luz Z. Gamba-5 cartons corned beef (240 cans); Mr. & Mrs. Florencio Dotollo-1 carton assorted food items (and 1 carton used clothes); Mr. Rolando F. Gapas-2 cartons noodles; Mrs. Ester Fulleros-Abitona-1 carton noodles; and Anonymous-50 cans sardines and 32 packs Payless Mami.

            Other donations came from: Ms. Elisa F. Lagamayo-2 sacks of brand new clothes; Ms. Ma. Ana C. Maglasang-1 sack brand new dusters, t-shirts and shorts; Mrs. Belen P. Freo-1 carton of 48 pairs of brand new slippers; Mrs. Myrna Paez-Castillo-1 carton and 2 bags of used clothes; Anonymous-1 carton used clothes; Mrs. Celinia Gallinera-Ang-1 carton used clothes; Mrs. Mabel Geñorga-So-1 carton used clothes; Ms. Cresencia Freo-3 cartons used clothes; Mrs. Elizabeth Gallego-Cajigal-1 carton used clothes; Mrs. Carmelita Borja-Diego-1 plastic bag used clothes; Mr. Jose G. Tenazas, Jr.-3 cartons used clothes and 1 carton used shoes; Mr. Roel Fuentes-1 carton used clothes; Mr. & Mrs. Jaime F. Paez-1 plastic bag used clothes;and Mrs. Luz Gaurino-Tan-6 pieces gifts for girl scouts.

            In Bulusan, cash donors were; Dr. & Mrs. Rogado G. Halum-P200; Mr. & Mrs. Arcadio N. Goyena-P150; Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Gabad-P100; and Mr. & Mrs. Leon Mendizabal-P50.

            Rice donors were: Mr. & Mrs. Lupo Furio-1 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo Firmanes-1 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Jose Tison-1 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Juan Son-1 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Son-1/2 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Neriso Bartilet-1/2 sack; Mr. & Mrs. Jose Geñorga-20 kilos; Mr. Antonio Gacosta-1/2 sack; and Mr. & Mrs. Norly Garalde-10 kilos.

            Donors of various items were: Mr. & Mrs. Roger Fulo-assorted food items; Mr. & Mrs. Jose Tison-7 pieces t-shirt with collars, 27 pieces t-shirt for children, 13 pieces t-shirt for for small children, and 6 pairs of slippers; Mr. & Mrs. Arnel Son-17 pairs sandals for men; Mr. & Mrs. Erwin G. Guysayko-24 packs Ho Mi & 3 pieces used clothes; and Mr. & Mrs. Renato J. Frayna-2 cartons used clothes.

            Those whose names were omitted are requested to inform Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. so proper corrections could be made.

            To all the kindhearted donors, Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. wishes to extend its sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to you.  Your gesture manifests your concern for our less privileged fellow Buluseños.

            It is hoped that with the joint efforts of this association and Buluseños of your nature, our yearly humanitarian activities would go on till the next generations.


Mr. Rogelio F. Fuentes

Ms. Luz Z. Gamba Engr. Pablito R. Freo Mr. Ulpiano S. Sorra Ret. Maj. Gen. Cesar F. Fortuno


a foundation is born

Mr. Rudy G. Fulo Mr. Arnel G. Fortes

Seven Buluseño civic leaders composed of active and retired government and military officials, and those in the business sector have organized and founded the newly registered Damayan-Buluseño Foundation, Inc. The incorporators are: Retired Maj. Gen. Cesar F. Fortuno; Mr. Arnel G. Fortes, a director at the Senate Legal Services; Mr. Rudy G. Fulo, president of Cargohaus Customs Bonded Warehouse, Inc.; Ms. Luz Z. Gamba, president of the Bulusan Travel & Tours Corporation; Engr. Pablito R. Freo, vice-president of GRL Electric Corporation; Mr. Ulpiano S. Sorra, retired Customs Examiner; and Mr. Rogelio F. Fuentes, retired Customs Police Officer.

In their first meeting and elections, elected as interim officers were: Mr. Fuentes-chairman; Ms. Gamba-vice-chairwoman; Engr. Freo-treasurer; Mr. Sorra-secretary; Maj. Gen. Fortuno-auditor; Mr. Fulo and Mr. Fortes-trustees. They shall on to their positions until the formal elections in March 2005.

In the set-up the foundation shall exist under the umbrella of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc., the association.  The association’s president shall be the chairman of the foundation whose term shall be for one year only.

The purpose of the foundation is to sponsor big and significant projects for the benefit of the municipality of Bulusan and the Buluseños.  Being a tax-exempt entity, it can undertake fundraising activities in large scale and solicit donation/contributions from philanthropic organizations and civic-minded people here and abroad.

As its initial fundraising project, the officers are contemplating on sponsoring a golf tournament anytime from now.

grand lady passes away

The late Mrs. Leticia Gonzales - Tenazas in her younger years

MRS. LETICIA GONZALES – TENAZAS, the Grand Lady of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. , passed away on November 19, 2003 at 4:00 A.M. at the Mary Chiles Hospital, Sampaloc, Manila.  She was 77 years old.

            Two days earlier, her son, Boy, rushed her to the hospital due to her weak condition.  Her blood sugar rose to a very high level.  According to Boy, her mother was already doing well and was already set to leave for home in a few days when suddenly she was rushed to the ICU as her blood pressure went down to 50/0.  In a few hours, she died in her sleep.  She succumbed to cardiac arrest, the attending physician told Boy.

            Her remains were interred at the Himlayang Pilipino in Quezon City beside her late husband, Ship Captain Jose Tenazas, Sr. She was survived by her four children: Lulu, Jose, Jr. or Boy, Jimmy or Boyet, and Cirilo II or Nono.

            Mrs. Tenazas was one of the incorporators of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. when it was organized in 1982.  Since then, she was its treasurer until her death.

            About five years ago, she had a heart attack leaving her left side of the body paralyzed.  But, it did not hamper her in the performance of her duties as treasurer of the association and in attending the monthly mass for the Buluseños at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse in Intramuros.

            Lately though, her health deteriorated even more which hindered her from moving on her own.  Her responsibilities had to be given to her assistant.

            A week before her death, DBI president Rogelio F. Fuentes visited her in her residence to inform her that the officers’ Christmas party will be held at her residence on December 7 so she could be with the group.  Although she was happy about it, Mr. Fuentes sensed that she was not in her usual self when she would laugh heartily to his jokes.  She looked sad and depressed, Mr. Fuentes said.

            Mr. Fuentes further stated that Mrs. Tenazas was well loved and highly respected not only by the other officers of DBI but also by other Buluseños who know her, and her peers in the other organizations where she also previously served as treasurer.




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