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VOL. XV No. 7
March - May 2003

  DBI Prepares for Pista sa Maynila

  Ex-Sec Roco is Fiesta Guest

  DBI to Award Sponsors

  Another Scholar Graduates

  Buluseña Places 7th in Geodetic Eng'g Board Exams 

  Bulusan Has New Lady Lawyer

  LGU-Bulusan Develops Its Own Website

  Proficiency Seminar for Barangay Tanods Conducted

    DBI Commends CIVAC Donors/Volunteers

  Centennial Celebration Observed

  Gacosta Clan Holds Reunion

  Plans for San Roque Fiesta and SRESAAI Alumni Homecoming 2003 Bared

  Need for More Fresh and Young Blood



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  Youth Forum
  Bato-Bato sa Hangin





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DBI is heartened to receive feedbacks written and verbal from those who in one way or another benefited from, stand to benefit or have simply observed the various activities DBI is doing to help Bulusan community and its populace.  Not that the persons running the association and their supporters are hungry for appreciation or gratitude.  Simply to know that there are people appreciative of their efforts is enough encouragement for them to go on.

While it is true, nobody asked them to do what they were doing because theirs is a voluntary service, such could be terminated if there is no more reason for them to do so.  Feedback, good or bad is the mechanism for them to know that yes, they want DBI to continue its activities.  Unsavory feedbacks are also welcome because such would allow them to rectify mistakes or improve what needs to be improved.

Ganoon din sana ang attitude ng mga tao sa pamahalaan o sa ano mang sekta ng sociedad.  Kung maganda ang feedback, well and good.  Kung hindi naman, tingnan yong sarili, ang kanilang ginagawa at alamin kung bakit pinupuna.  Huwag tayong maging balat-sibuyas, bagkus gumawa ng paraan at ituwid ang hindi tama.  Kung tutuusin, wala naman talagang perpekto na tao o sistema.  Kaya, cool lang kung nakakatanggap ng kritisismo.

Kung puro maganda ang naririnig, kadalasan, we develop misconceptions about ourselves and we become arrogant or complacent in our duties.  Criticism is a balancing factor.  To some, it even serves as a stimulant to prove to their detractors how wrong their perceptions are.  So, welcome feedbacks in whatever form.



ni Rogelio "Elio" Fuentes

“Scholarship, Proyekto na Makahulugan”

Sayo na pinakamakahulugan na proyekto san Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.,  an “Scholarship” para sa matali na pobre na bata.  Magub-at ini na proyekto kon isipon para sa sayo na saday na asosasyon na sugad san Damayan-Buluseño.

Pero an magub-at nahimo na magaan sa magayon na disposisyon lalo na kon katuyuhan para sa kaayadan san kapwa.  Kaya, hiningoha san asosasyon na itindog an “Scholarship Through Sponsorship Program”.  Sa programa na ini, an asosasyon an naghahanap sin “sponsor” san mga “scholar”.

Niyan, 25 na an naging professional: may CPA, Engineer, Agriculturist, Customs Broker, Maestra nan iba pa. Nakadanon na sira sa pamilya nan iba na tawo.  May upat pa na magraduar hanggan sa taon 2006.

Makauugma na onse na mga Bulusanon an naengganyo na maging “sponsor” san mga “scholar”: sira Atty. Augusto Ortiz, Maj. Gen. Cesar Fortuno, an upat na naging “scholar” na sira Joel Fulleros, Edwin Gonzales, Loida Gayta – Gonzales nan Jesus Perez.  An iba na nasa abroad nan nasa Metro-Manila pero habo magpakilala.  Maogma na sira na nakadanon.

An naghatag sin inspirasyon sa Damayan-Buluseño para itindog an “scholarship” an hinimo ni Mr. Honorio Ventura na sayo na pilantropo sa Pampanga.  Sa panghinayang niya san mga matali na pobre na bata sa kanira probinsya, pinaadal niya sa kolehiyo.  Dahil siguro san kaniya pagmakulog sa kanira, benindisyonan san Mahal na Diyos an kaniya hinimo.  Kaya, an mga pinaadal niya puro nag-asenso.  Daghan na Kapampangan an mga nadanonan nira pati an Pampanga naging progresibo.

An pinakaasensado, si Diosdado Macapagal na naging presidente san Pilipinas.  Dahil sa kaniya, nabuhay pa an sayo na Kapampangan na naging presidente man, si Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  Kaya, an Pampanga hamok an probinsya na nakahatag sin duwa na presidente sa Pilipinas.

Dahil sa magayon na hinimo niya, hanggan niyan diri nalimutan san mga Kapampangan si Mr. Honorio Ventura.  Kon nangyari ini sa Pampanga, puede man mangyari sa Bulusan nan sa probinsya san Sorsogon.

Kaya, pinukaw san Damayan-Buluseño an iba pa na mayaman nan may puersa na Bulusanon nan sa iba na bungto san Sorsogon.  Magayon kon tipakan nira an milyon-milyon nan ribo-ribo na tinatapok kon eleksyon, sa casino, sa bulangan, sa ballroom dancing nan iba na bisyo nan luho sa buhay para sa pag-adal sini na mga pobre na mga bata basi mapakinabangan an kanira talento nan diri maengganyo na umupod sa mga elemento na kontra sa gobierno nan ato sociedad.

Binatugan na ini na proyekto san Damayan-Buluseño.  Kun kada bungto hihimuon man ini, daghanon na pobre na Sorsoganon an magiging propesyonal.  Sa kadaghanan nira, sigurado, daghan an maasenso sa kanira nan makapot sin hataas na puesto sa gobierno.  Daghan an madanon nira lalo na an para sa progreso san probinsya.

Posible pa na an ato pagmakulog, bendisyunan man san Mahal na Dios nan itugot man niya na sayo sini na mga bata an primero na maging presidente san Pilipinas na Sorsoganon.

Diri tabi kita manghinayang sa gagastuhon sa pagpaadal sin pobre na bata kay an edukasyon an pinakamakahulugan nan pinaka-Kristiano na ibilin ta na legasiya na diri lang sa ato komunidad nan sa kapwa sa kanira pag-asenso.

Kaya imbes na ihatag sa mga hugakon na “Poste” ipaadal na hamok sin pobre na matali na bata mas dako pa na indulhensya an ato makukuwa.

Niyan ta na patunayan nan isabuhay sin totoo an inkakanta ta sa simbahan na “tayong lahat ay may pananagutan sa isa’t-isa”.  


by Starbhen

My Spiritual Journey

(I thought of writing this article because of a priest in our parish who now and then would drop at our place and engage us in a friendly conversation over a cup of coffee about just any topic under the sun.  In his last two visits at home, we talked about the new age, about the decline of morality in religion and about priests who seem confused nowadays.  So, for the first time, I am coming out with this story of my spiritual journey.  I have no intention, whatsoever, of trying to convince anyone to my personal beliefs.  It is up to the readers to form their own opinions and perhaps embark their own search for the truth. Let me caution the readers though to keep an open mind for the mind is like an umbrella – it works best when it is open.)

When I was in grade school, I heard some teachers say: “Men are equal in the eyes of God.” My young mind could not grasp the meaning of such a statement.  How could that be?  When I look around me, I see so much inequalities in all aspects of life – physical, financial, economic, social, mental, talentwise, etc.

Then when I was in high school, a Retreat Master said: ”We have to live a good life because if we die in the state of mortal sin we will be relegated to the fires of hell for all eternity.” He went on to define eternity by comparing it to an ant going around a steel ball but would not even be able to make a dent on that ball.  At the same time, he said that God is all loving and all merciful.  I could not understand why an all loving and all merciful God would allow his erring children to suffer eternal damnation.  What is God that would evoke fear in one’s heart?  Is God really that fearsome and vengeful?

After college, I started to read the Bible or attend Bible sessions. I learned that God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth and that we are created in His image and likeness.  Yet in churches, we have personified God as a human being complete with beards.

I went through life’s journey wondering and being unable to reconcile those concepts about God even if some religious preachers said that God is a mystery, unfathomable and so beyond human understanding.  Yet over the years I could not help asking myself these questions: Who and what am I really?  Who and what is God? How can I relate to God?  Ang mga katanungang ito ay patuloy na umukilkil sa aking kaisipan.

Then in the latter part of the 1970’s, I had a deep mystical experience when in a moment of desperation, I turned to God with all my heart, my mind and my whole being.  In other words, I surrendered my life completely to Him without any mental reservation.  To my great amazement, He gave me the sweetest, the most unforgettable experience I ever had in my life until this moment.  I felt as though a wind rushed out of my system accompanied by a feeling of lightness as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Then I heard a voice – a voice without sound, a voice of silence. At the same time, I felt peace, the peace that passeth understanding and felt my consciousness penetrating the depths of the earth and the expanse of the firmament.  I felt as though I was everywhere at the same time, limitless, beyond space and time.

My tears flowed freely, unabated for the sheer beauty, sweetness and wonder of that experience – so ennobling, so elevating, so liberating.  I could even perceive that leaves and stones have vibrations of their own. For several days, I was ecstatic, in euphoria.  People at home and friends who knew me noticed something so different in my outlook.  It was an experience I could not share.  I simply pondered and savored it in my heart.  It seemed no one would understand me anyway.

Yet, I did not know the meaning of it all.  So I read spiritual books, scriptures, attended sessions of various mystical organizations (Ananda Marga, Theosophical Society, Silva Method of Judy Qua, Summit of Clare and Mark Prophet, Cursillo, Life in the Spirit Seminar, etc.). For several months, I even studied under a Buddhist monk. I found some answers, but not enough to satisfy all my questions.  Until one day in 1998, I read in the papers about the free introductory Lecture on Raja Yoga Meditation.  I attended the two-hour session and I liked what I heard.  I wanted to know more, so I kept going back.  Now, I found all the answers to my questions and more and I stopped my search. It is here where I came to know about myself, about God, about nature and their interrelationships.  Who and what am I? Where do I come from and where am I going?  Who is God and what is/are my relationship/s to Him?  These and many more.  Below are some of the truths I learned about myself, God, nature and the meaning of life.

(To be continued in the next issue)  


by Luz Z. Gamba

Kon Paano Magserbe sa Bayan an Bulusanon 

Dianison pagbateon, pag-imodon na daghanon na Bulusanon an may pagmaw-ot na magserbe sa ato bongto, magdanon base umasenso man ine.  Malinaw na ebidensya kun panahon sin eleksyon.  Daghan an naggagastos sin daragko na halaga para hamok ialok an kanira serbisyo, an kanira danon sa publiko.  Komo an politika sayo na laban, may nanggagana, may napipyerde.  Pero intero sira sayo an kamaw-otan – an magserbe, an makadanon.

Panahon na siguro na dapat seryusuhon ta an pagmakulog sa ato bungto.  Ano man na partido political an kinabibilangan, total sayo man hamok an kamaw-otan, magkasarayo na kamo, magkasarayo na kita.  May kusog, may pwersa para maangat nato an ato bungto.

Saludo ako sa mga nag-aalok san kanira serbisyo – an mga nagkakandidato.  Kumbinsido ako na sira an mga tawo sa ato bungto na may daku-dako na pagmaw-ot na umasenso an ato mga tawo, an ato lugar.  Sira an mga tawo na handa isakripisyo an sadiri na kamaw-otan alang-alang sa bayan.  Tama ba ako?

Sayo na paraiso an Bulusan.  An ato bongto an may pinakadako na potensyal sa ecoturismo sa buong Sorsogon.  An ecoturismo, bilang parte san turismo, sayo na dako na negosyo san bongto.  Makahatag trabaho sa mga tawo, makadagdag income sa ato municipio, makakonserbar pa san ato kapalibutan.  Pagdaghan an income, daghan man an proyekto na mahihimo.  Makikilala sa iba na lugar an ato bongto na pagbabatugan sin pagkaka-aramigo.

Naniniwala ako na kon an turismo ato pauswagon, hatagan sin atensyon, sigurado maakudiran an ekonomiya san ato bongto.  Daghan na taga-iba na lugar an nanghihinayang, oya sa ato an bulawan pero nahugak kita mag-ukad, nagduduwa-duwa kita pahikan ine para kumintab.  Awat na inpaparaplano, inpaparaestoryahan – hanggan doon lang.  Sinasabi na problema an kuarta.  Totoo man, kay an ato gobierno kulang o wara ngani ada sin pondo para masustener o mahimo an proyekto pang-turismo dine sa ato lugar. 

Kun kita magpaparahulat na rumadag an kuarta hale sa langit, badi o dire nato mareyalisar an ato gusto mangyari sa ato lugar. 

So, nano daw kun sa sadiri nato na paagi mabatogan ta ini na ato mga kamaw-otan pang-turismo? Base pa kun maimod san gobyerno na naghihingoha kita maengganyar na danonan logod kita.

Mayon ako sin isusumite na concept paper sa ato punong-bayan, Mayor Juan G. Guysayko, manongod sin plano sa pagtindog san BULUSAN ECOTOURISM HERITAGE CORPORATION (BETHCOR) kun diin papartisiparan ine san Provincial and Municipal Government, NGOs, POs, at pribadong sector.  An shares na ididistribuir sa lambang sayo mao man an magiging pondo para sa pag-develop/construct/improve san ato ecotourism destinations and ecotourism products.

(Abangan na sa susunod na issue…)  


by Abraham G. Tan

Prelude to an Encore

It was just a casual visit – I dropped by a friend’s place to return a loaned training manual.  We had been through five years at the University that his place is already like a second home to me.  We were in his room littered with much paperwork, books, pens, and blue prints.  I was logging into my Hotmail account and he was there telling me how I was wasting my resources maintaining a website for Bulusan, since, in his opinion, nobody’s interested in going to Bulusan, anyway.  Shrugging off his remark, I turned to check out my inbox, and immediately opened the mail that seemed to be of the topmost importance.

It indeed was. I went through the message with my friend curiously peeking at it from behind me.  The e-mail was from a guy named Peter.  He said he had just visited my website and was interested in going to Bulusan within next week (Holy Week).  He left me his cellular number hoping I’d contact him. 

With a sly smile to my friend who looked like somebody who has just literally eaten up his words, I logged out and said my good-bye and thank-you. 

Peter, who turned out to be a young Tsinoy entrepreneur, only need to climb one major and two more minor peaks to become a full-fledged member of his mountaineering group.  They are considering Mt. Bulusan for one of those treks, thus his research on the locality.  His interest grew more with all the pictures and articles showcased in the website, particularly in the gallery and tourism pages.

            He was in Bulusan from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday (April 17-20, 2003) with two other friends from their group.  Had it not been due to certain personal circumstances, I would have accompanied them myself.  As it was, I could just arrange accommodations for them at the Bartilet place, thanks to Mamay who served as my local contact. I was also able to dish up a suggested itinerary for them, and given them more Internet links and tourism articles including some from previous issues of this Gazette.

            Peter’s text message immediately upon return more than compensated for all the anxiety I’ve gone through while they were there.  What if Bulusan fall short of their expectations? What if there is actually nothing special about Bulusan and that it is just my innate hometown pride that says so?   Have I, in fact, crossed the line and overly promoted Bulusan?

The phrase “had a gr8 tym n bulusan” was enough. I know that Buluseños have a great potential and are ready for tourism-related activities. I know that I am doing the right thing – that I have not exaggerated in anything.  Bulusan is simply a great place and its beauty alone can speak for itself. 

To all those who have given Peter and his friends a taste of true Buluseño hospitality, salamatonon tabi! Hopefully with such a good attitude and our concerted efforts, we could attract more tourists and fellow Buluseños to return and have their fill of Bulusan.  This is just a prelude – an introduction; encores are well on their way.  (



“Si Papay nan si Mamay – Sadto/Niyan”


Sadto, ehemplo sira sin mag-asawa na matiwasay,

Magayon an pag-upod an ugali nira magkabagay.

Niyan, bihira an adlaw na di sira nagpapasuhay,

Sugad sin kuting nan ayam si Papay nan si Mamay.


Sadto, inuurgulyo sa mga tawo si Papay ni Mamay,

Kay masculado an lawas, talagang macho na tunay.

Niyan, naraw-ayon na siya kon Papay na makisabay,

Sa taba niya sugad sin tapayan sa kalye si Papay.


Sadto, inuurgulyo si Mamay sa publiko ni Papay,

Magayon, coca-cola an lawas kaya di kinaraw-ay.

Niyan, wara na dobdob, an tuda duwa na laptukay,

Matapsi na kay puro bilbil nan pus-on si Mamay.


Sadto, permi makarinyuhon kon Papay si Mamay,

Kay malinigon an lawas, an personalidad bisay.

Niyan, habo rumani kon Papay nagpupulay-pulay,

Pihado hali maglimugmog sin sioktong si Papay.


Sadto, dahil permi mahamot mahinarukon si Papay,

Permi bag-o magkarigos, an olor lukop sa balay.

Niyan, napiritan humarok kon hubog sa tanduay,

Kay seminal an karigos kaya, maanghulon si Mamay.


Sadto, naawaon an mga amiga niya sa kon Mamay,

Kay sikat magsayaw si Papay kaya wara nasabay.

Niyan, di na puede mag boogie kay an kiwa maluway,

May daku-dako na alkansiya na sipit si Papay.


Sadto, an buhok niya naruya hapruson ni Papay,

Lalo kon hali magdakdak sin kadlom bag-o nanudlay.

Niyan, bihira magkarigos kaya, an buhok di bisay,

Sugad sin may tagahan sin manok sa ulo si Mamay.


Sadto, dahil di siya parainom naruyag si Mamay,

Diri nagayod natadi sin marka demonyo o tanduay.

Niyan, nainiton siya kay si Papay permi nakitagay,

Nasuka nan naihi pa sa kama, bagraon na si Papay.


Sadto, paglakaw permi akbay kon Mamay si Papay,

Inuurulyo niya an gayon ni Mamay na “makatulo-laway”.

Niyan, naraw-ay si Papay na sa kaniya makisabay,

Kay 200 libras na sugad kono sin elepante si Mamay.


Sadto, apurado sa pag-uli hali sa trabaho si Papay,

Trangkilo kono an pamati niya kon nasa kanira balay.

Niyan, kon nasa balay sugad kono siya sin makapay,

Dahil matabilon, sugad sin mataraka kono si Mamay.


Sadto, lips to lips kon humarok kon Papay si Mamay,

Mahamot kono an hinangos, sugad siya kono sin nalumay.

Niyan, habo humarok sa hiwa kay nahadok mahimatay,

Dahil bihira na mag “toothbrush” nagmamama pa si Papay.


Kon gusto nira na bumalik an relasyon na matiwasay,

Ibalik nira an panahon na an ugali nira magkabagay.

Basi malikayan an permi na paghiran nan pagpasuhay.

Nan mabalik sa dati na pag-upod si Papay nan si Mamay.



The witness wore a baffled look when he appealed to the court.  “I just don’t know what I’m going to do, Judge”, he declared desperately.

            “Why, what seems to be the matter?” asked the judge.

            “Well, I swore to tell nothing but the truth”, explained the witness, “but every time I try it, some lawyer objects.”

 Source: Purity Magazine


Madlawon, Bulusan, Sorsogon

April 30, 2003


Ipinapaabot po namin ang aming pasasalamat kay Maj. General Cesar Fortuno. 

Siya ang naging daan para mapabilang ang aming anak na si Marlon sa  mga nagsipagtapos na pinagkalooban ng scholarship ng La Tondeña Foundation, Inc.

Sa pamamagitan nila natupad ng aming anak ang kanyang pinapangarap na makatapos ng pag-aaral sa kolehiyo.

Nagpapasalamat din po kami sa La Tondeña Foundation, Inc. at higit sa lahat sa Panginoon.

Patnubayan ng Panginoon kayong lahat na nagmalasakit at tumulong sa kapwa lalo na sa mga mahihirap.

Taos-Pusong Nagpapasalamat,

G. at Gng. Santiago Rabulan


Sa Damayan-Buluseño:

Boot ko ipaabot sa Damayan-Buluseño an ako pagpapasalamat sa hinatag na suporta sa ako, sa pagpa-eskwela sa sobrena ko na si Salvacion Gardon, na makatapos na sa kolehiyo.  Boot ko man ipaabot an pagpapasalamat ko sa kanyang anonymous sponsor sa pagdomdom sa sulod sin upat kataon.

Para sa ako, ini na organisasyon na Damayan-Buluseño nagsisirbe na masarig na tulay na balyuan sin mga pobre na Bulusanon na mapaayad an mutang.

Salamat man sa intero na naghinguha na magkamayon sin Damayan-Buluseño, sa mga tawo na sa likod sini na organisasyon an pagmakulog nira na hasta niyan padagus ang pagdalagan sini na organisasyon.

Dios mabalos.

Rosario G. Futalan


Bulusan, Sorsogon

April 16, 2003

To all Good Hearted Bulusanon

Through: Mr. Rogelio F. Fuentes

President, DBI, Manila

Dear People with Soft Hearts:

I am Joan Gallanosa-Marcos, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Leonilo S. Marcos of Mabuhay, Bulusan, Sorsogon.  I graduated from Bulusan National High School with honors.  At present, I am faced with the dim prospects of not being able to pursue my dream – that of finishing a college degree.  I passed the entrance examination at the Bicol University but my family does not have the resources with which to support my college education.

I am appealing to kind-hearted Buluseños and I hope the scholarship program of Damayan-Buluseño can come to my assistance.  In return I promise to study hard and hope to help others too in the future once I finish a college degree and land a job.

Thank you for giving a little time to read my letter.  I pray to God to touch the heart of someone and give me a chance to further my studies.

God bless!

Joan G. Marcos


To all DBI Staff and Sponsors:

In behalf of all the scholars, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the staff of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc.; likewise to all the sponsors.  May our Almighty God bless you.

We thank you all for supporting us financially in our college studies, and for all your sacrifices.  Thank you so much.

Keep up the good work and more power!

Lea Balderama



April 2003



1 -  

Juanito Formento Freo 68


4 -   Melitona Ete Jao 94

San Roque

8 -   Rafael Hapin Fragio 43

Sta. Barbara

10 -   Celso Furaque Lugmao 78

San Isidro

12 -   Lutgarda Estrabela Serrano 67


18 -   Josie Hasta Estinor 22

Sta. Barbara

24 -   Mirasol Fuensalida Formento 1



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