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VOL. XV No. 7
March - May 2003

  DBI Prepares for Pista sa Maynila

  Ex-Sec Roco is Fiesta Guest

  DBI to Award Sponsors

  Another Scholar Graduates

  Buluseña Places 7th in Geodetic Eng'g Board Exams 

  Bulusan Has New Lady Lawyer

  LGU-Bulusan Develops Its Own Website

  Proficiency Seminar for Barangay Tanods Conducted

    DBI Commends CIVAC Donors/Volunteers

  Centennial Celebration Observed

  Gacosta Clan Holds Reunion

  Plans for San Roque Fiesta and SRESAAI Alumni Homecoming 2003 Bared

  Need for More Fresh and Young Blood



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  Bato-Bato sa Hangin





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            The Provincial Government of Sorsogon, in cooperation with the National Computer Center (NCC) under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has spearheaded a Website Development Training and Workshop held at STI Computer Center (Sorsogon Branch) last April 10-12, 2003.  The 3-day activity was an integral part of the “Jumpstarting Electronic Governance in the Local Government Unit” which aims to bring the much-needed change in the local government by making them more capable of embedding information and communication technology in their day-to-day operation for better and faster public service.

            By virtue of R. A. 8792 known as Electronic Commerce Act of 2000 that pave the way for the LGUs to comply with the directive set by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regarding the web presence in all LGUs, the local leadership under Juan G. Guysayko sent two participants from the Office of the Municipal Planning and Engineering in the persons of Albie E. Españo and Roswell H. Ramos, to avail of said opportunity.  The activity design, which required a minimum of two (2) representatives coming from different municipalities of Sorsogon, were requested to bring their respective Socio-Economic Profiles (SEFs) which will be placed in their sites through hands-on and inputting of necessary web materials using the Website Content Management Software (WCMS).

            As expected, the Municipality of Bulusan was able to establish its online presence in the Internet.  Its current Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is and at the same time authorizing the National Computer Center (NCC) to register the designed domain which is (Binoe)


            A total of 181 participants coming from the 24 barangays of Bulusan attended enhancement proficiency seminar for barangay tanods held last April 22-27 at the Bulusan Cultural Center.  The participants were divided into three groups of two days each.

            The seminar was made possible thru the joint efforts of the DILG Municipal Operations Office and PNP Bulusan headed by Mr. Rico E. Gaurino and P/SINP Miguel G. Batanes, respectively.  Likewise, the municipal government provided the secretariat and the support services to augment the workforce and resources for the training.  The barangay for its part shouldered the cost of the training in the amount of P 220 per trainee to cover food and other expenses during the training program.

            The seminar has six (6) program components: 1) Advocacy/Strategy Preparation, which includes information, education and communication materials, organization of national and local association of tanod executive officers; 2) Communication to enhance interpersonal communication, radio and TV interviews; 3) Training and capacity building consisting of three phases (orientation, skills training/enhancement course, and accreditation revalidate; 4) Accreditation strategy which includes: pre-qualification for security license, accreditation in the national training program under R. A. 9163, and availment of civil service eligibility; 5) Alliance Building Strategy which includes the Interior and Local Government sector and the private sector; and 6) Award System to give due recognition extraordinary or commendable accomplishments, contribution and promotion of public safety.

            During the closing ceremony, Mayor Juan G. Guysayko recognized the efforts of those people/agencies behind the success of the seminar and gladly congratulated the barangay tanods who were able to complete the 2-day activity.  He also emphasized the significant role of each and every barangay officials in the maintenance of peace and order as a key factor in the development of the municipality.

            The seminar is in line with the thrust of H. E. Gloria Macapagal  - Arroyo towards building a strong republic through strengthening the peace and order campaign, professionalizing the barangay tanod in every locality and enhancing citizens involvement in the fight against lawlessness, crime and terrorism.  (Tsinoe)


            Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. through its president, Rogelio F. Fuentes, commended all the donors and volunteers for their involvement in the last Free Medical Clinic and Operation: Tule held in Bulusan on April 19, 2003.

            Recipients of the free medical services numbered as follows: 575 medical patients; 33 were circumcised and 56 received free blood-typing services.

            Mr. Fuentes who personally witnessed the activities at the Bulusan Central School premises said it was so heartwarming to see that while medical practitioners and health workers were attending to the big crowd of patients, other volunteers composed of teachers, scholars and their parents and students were also busy preparing and serving snacks and lunch for the health workers.

            What impressed him more was the participation of the local residents who provided food, drinks and other materials needed in the project and the concern of other Buluseños in Metro-Manila and other areas and abroad who donated cash for the purchase of additional medicines.  Others donated medicines and other needed items.

            According to Mr. Fuentes, those who donated cash were: Mr. & Mrs. Primo Gallanosa – P 5,000; Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Gonzales – P 3, 500; Mrs. Lilian Torres-Espelita – P 1,000; Mrs. Evelyn Torres-Fullon – P 1,000; Mrs. Myra Paez-Castillo – P 1,000; Anonymous – P 500; Ms. Luz Z. Gamba – P 10,000; and Mrs. Leticia Gonzales – Tenazas – P 10,000.

            Donations of various medicines came from: Ms. Teresa Galindes; Mrs. Norie Tan-Fat; Dr. Alma Fortades-Escultura; Mr. Rogelio Fulleros; Ms. Betty Yu; Mr. Emmanuel Cajayon, Jr.; and Mr. Relly Fortes.

            Engr. Pablito R. Freo supplied all the items for the Operation Tule which he has been doing for the past four years.

            The volunteers were: Dr. Gloria E. Guysayko, Dr. Lucila Fulo, Mrs. Elsa Fulo, Mrs. Socorro Fuentes, Mrs. Meriam Santos, Mrs. Lilia Frades, Mrs. Remedios Ocsio, Mrs. Cristina Sumagaysay, Mrs. Arlene Ragasa, Mrs. Ma. Lucy Domasig, Mrs. Jean Barral, Mr. Audie Silva, Ms. Irene Gacias, Mrs. Reva Gapido, Mrs. Gloria Gando, Mrs. Marie Fortuno, Mrs. Cristina Baloloy, Mrs. Nerisa Ramon, Mrs. Salvacion Correa, Mrs. Lydia Fulo, Mrs. Remedios Diamante, Mrs. Ruby Escaño, Mrs. Corazon Cantal, Mrs. Emma Garalde, Mrs. Linda Frayna, Mrs. Maria Cleofe Fullon, Miss Celeste Freo, Mr. Cesar Gacosta, Ms. Salvacion Gardon, Ms. Lea Balderama, Mr. Marlon Rabulan, Mrs. Luzviminda Ballesteros, Ms. Maricel Dineros, Mr. George Gamba, Mr. Ulpiano Sorra, Ms. Rosalinda Fulo, Mrs. Paz Balderama, Mrs. Nerie Frayna, Mr. Larry Frilles, Mr. Nicanor Bailon, Mr. Renato Frayna, and Mr. Galindes.

            Food and drinks and other items were donated by Mr. & Mrs. Jose Tison, Mr. & Mrs. Juan Son, Miss Amparo Tan, Miss Salvacion Manda, Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo Firmanes, Mr. & Mrs. Ordonio Frades, Engr. & Mrs. Jose Ortiz, Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Estipona, Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Fragio, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Fugen, Ms. Erlinda Gallenito, Mr. & Mrs. Paterno Fuasa, Mr. & Mrs. Nardito Fuasa, Mr. & Mrs. Tagalicod, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Fuasa, and Mr. Patrick Fuasa.

            Mr. Fuentes sent letters to all of them acknowledging their donations and services which contributed much to the success of the project.   He also praised them for caring for the health of their poor constituents.  His desire is for Damayan spirit to live on in the heart of every Buluseño for the continuity of this yearly humanitarian mission.  He was so touched upon seeing the big crowd of less fortunate townmates coming from different barangays early in the morning to avail of the free medical services and medicines.  This scenario moved him more to motivate Buluseños to get involved in this yearly mission.


DepEd-Bulusan District had observed its 100th Year Founding Anniversary last March 6-8, 2003.  Highlights of such celebration were: Holy Mass; blessing and ribbon cutting for centennial arch; exhibit; centennial book honoring retired teachers; centennial tour; investment forum; holding of cultural presentation on March 6, 2003 with the participation of both the elementary and high school students wherein the different stages/era of DepEd history were depicted: district pupils portrayed the Pre-Spanish Era, Buhang National High School – Spanish Era, JSRMI – American Era, San Roque National High School – Japanese, and Bulusan High School – Martial Law, EDSA I & II and Today; civic parade with floats of beauties; mass calesthenics/folkdance; coronation of reigning beauties and awarding of outstanding alumni; academic contest; motorcade for Vice Gov. Imelda Papin & Company; and Imelda Papin Live Concert.

Some of the guests were: Rev. Fr. Roberto Traballo, Rev. Fr. Higinio Lagarde, Rev. Fr. Domingo France, Rev. Fr. Rollin Galindes, Rev. Fr. Benedicto Furo, Hon. Mayor Juan G. Guysayko, the wife of Cong. Solis, Rafaela Babasa ES-I, Shirley Desabayla ES-I, Gloria Angeles, Dr. Liliosa Luzuriaga ES-I, Coun. Manuel Bañares, Vice Gov. Imelda Papin & her company, and others.

Other highlights of the centennial commemoration are: the publication of 328-page Centennial Book depicting the district activities from its founding years; the printing of a big registration book of 16”x20” where alumni, guests & friends of education have to register from March 6 to Dec. 31, 2003, thus the registration is still ongoing; the construction of centennial arch about 35 feet high.

Construction of the arch & other centennial projects like the extensin of the District Office, Office of the Parents-Teachers Cooperative (PATEMCO) and Conference Hall are still ongoing and need more financial support.  School officials are therefore appealing to alumni of the DepEd Bulusan to come to the aid of their Alma Mater.


The big Gacosta clan held its 6th grand reunion last April 21 at the Bulusan Cultural & Sports Complex, Bulusan, Sorsogon.

Although there was a decline in the number of attendance this year, the occasion was brightened up by the parlor games and entertainment number rendered by children from Tagdon and other barangays.

The affair was ushered by a thanksgiving mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Domingo France and Rev. Fr. Rollin Galindes, both members of the clan.  It was followed by the introduction of families that came from different barangays of Barcelona, Sta. Magdalena and Bulusan.

In the business meeting after lunch, the clan chair, Mr. Rogelio Fuentes, recalled to the members from Bulusan and Barcelona, that the first three reunions of the clan were held in Sta. Magdalena and Talaonga in 1993, 1995 and 1997 where only the descendants of the late couple Fernando Gacosta and Fernando Camposano were in attendance.  It was in 1999 that the reunion was moved to Bulusan.

Knowing that the Gacostas of Bulusan and those from Barcelona are closely related to them, Mr. Fuentes urged them to join the reunion so together they could trace their roots and other relations.

In the election of officers for the next two years, Mr. Fuentes tried to decline his nominations as chair for the 7th term for health reason but he was prevailed upon to stay at the helm of the clan.

While he accepted his re-election to the position, he challenged all the members to take active part in making the next gathering a real pompous one with all them filling up the spaces in the cultural center.

Other elected officers were: Mrs. Ester Abitona – vice chair for Metro-Manila, Mrs. Conchita Jerus – vice chair for Barcelona, Mr. Rolando Gapas – vice chair for Sta. Magdalena, Mrs. Remedios Galindes – vice chair for Bulusan, Mrs. Alicia Labini – treasurer, Ms. Flora Gacosta – auditor, Mrs. Josefina Cacliong and Mr. Alberto Fragio – business managers.

Appointed coordinators for Barcelona are: Mrs. Carolina Falcotelo – Poblacion and Macabari, Mr. Edgar Gacosta – Putiao and Paghaluban, and Mr. Remegio Gacosta – Tagdon.

For Sta. Magdalena the coordinators are: Mr. Louie Pedrasa – Poblacion, and Mr. Terry Gaon – Talaonga.

Appointed coordinators for Bulusan were: Ms. Nenita Mata – Buhang, Mr. Alberto Fragio – Poctol, Mr. Rolando Gallor – Madlawon, Mr. Antonio Gacosta – Sabang, Mr. Alfredo Fulleros – Central, Mr. Raul Correa – Looban, Mrs. Nora Ballesteros – Sapngan, and Mr. Alberto Galaros – Dapdap.

With the full support of the new set of officers and coordinators, Mr. Fuentes hopes for a much bigger crowd that that of 1999 and join the grand reunion of the Gacosta Clan in 2005.

            In behalf of the clan, Mr. Fuentes praised and thanked those who attended the reunion particularly those who came from far places, brought with them food and prizes for the games and donated cash to help defray expenses incurred during the occasion.


            Nagkamayon sa San Roque Elementary School sin consultative meeting, Mayo 31, san mga representative san sponsoring groups para sa maabot na fiesta nan Alumni Homecoming.  Sponsoring groups an: Barangay Council, Kapilya Council, Elementary School PTCA, High School PTCA, SK nan Jovenes, nan SRESAAI.

            Invuelto man sa aktibidades sa barangay an Kababayehan, Sandigan, SROFADECO, Kalipi, Purok Leaders, Brgy. Tanod, Brgy. Health Workers, UYEHD, Life Bringer, atbp.

            Tinocar sa meeting na ini  an posible na mga aktibidades sa solod sin opat kaadlaw batog na Agosto 14 hanggan Agosto 17.

            Sayo na highlight para sa niyan na maabot na fiesta mao an inpaplano na Ginabangan Festival/Streetdancing na paparticiparan san 9 na purok san barangay.  Sayo ini na kompetisyon kon diin P 5,000 cash an ihatag na premyo, hale sa San Roque Life Bringer Foundation, Inc. (SRLBFI).

            Magkakamay-on man sin Clean and Green Contest kon diin an premyo maghahale man sa San Roque Elementary School Alumni Association, Inc. (SRESAAI).

            May plano man na Beer Plaza sa solod san opat kaadlaw, sports and cultural activities.

            San Junio 1, nagkamay-on gihapon sin meeting an San Roque Elementary School Alumni Association, Inc. sa pamumuno ni Madam Luz Z. Gamba, kon diin tinocar an mga plano para sa Grand Alumni Homecoming 2003 na hihimoon sa petsa 17 san Agosto.

            Pinaka highlight dini an Homecoming King & Queen contest kon diin kada batch, batog na 1946 hanggan 1999, may iparada na kandidato/kandidata.

            Para sa mga detalye, puede ser tabi maki-coordinate an mga taga San Roque sa kani-kanira batch representative.  Puede man tabi tumawag sa oficina ni Madam Luz (8310363/5514887) o kaya kina Sim Gamba (0920-2286882) o Bella Gapas-Indionco (0918-9238336).






DBI would like to inform the readers that all its founding members are now in their twilight years.  Mrs. Fabic and Mrs. Tenazas are in their early eighties now, while Mr. Fuentes, Gen. Fortuno, Ester Abitona and Helen Tan – Go are in their late sixties.  Some have even gone to the great beyond.

DBI needs infusion of young and more energetic individuals to take over their tasks.  While DBI has now in its board dynamic persons like Luz Gamba, Pablito Freo, Rufo Fuentes, Andy Espedido, Arnel Fortes, etc., there is still so much room for more.

One area where we urgently need someone to take over is in the preparation of this Gazette.  The Editor desires to be replaced.  She has been in this business since the inception of this Gazette sometime in 1982, except for brief periods when Roy Frayna and Sadie Galarosa took over.  She was again persuaded to resume the editorship when Roy left for Singapore and no one would take this responsibility.

Bulusan has produced lots of talented people with writing ability.  Will one of you come out please and volunteer your services?  Please let us know.  Thank you.



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