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Vol. XVI No. 5
October  - December 2004


LGU Dresses Up Dancalan For Summer

Senator Madrigal Speaks Before Buluseños

Luz Z. Gamba is New DBI Prexy

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DBI Lives Up to Tradition

X'Mas Drive '04 Cheers Poor Families

Christmas Gifts 2004 Shared

Former Sponsor Sends Gifts Anew

More Patients Expected in CIVAC '05

San Roque Receives Ini an Sorsoganon! Most Outstanding Barangay Award 2004, Spawning Other Projects

Reunions for Gacosta Clan & Class '51

Fire in October

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                Due to the severe economic cri7sis prevailing, most likely a much bigger number of patients will converge at the Bulusan Central School compound on Black Saturday, March 26, 2005 for the yearly Free Medical/Dental Clinic & Operation: Tule.

                This prompted the new set of officers of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. led by its president, Ms. Luz Z. Gambaa to map out plans to procure the needed medicines and other items to cope up with the situation.

                According to Mr. Juan G. Galindes, DBI Local Coordinating Board Chairman who supervises the yearly operations, the most needed medicines are vitamins and antibiotics.

                Ms. Gamba said that while they will try, they will exhaust all means to make sure that all patients will be properly attended to and given their prescribed medicines, she will be very grateful if some civic minded fellow Buluseños would also extend assistance in whatever form.

                Those who wish to donate something for this project may send same to the association’s new address at Rm. 208 Gateway Building, Cartimar, Taft Avenue, Pasay City or may call her up at tel. nos. 551-4887 and 831-0363. They may also call on out-going president Mr. Rogelio F. Fuentes at tel. no. 929-5277.

                This project which meant so much to poor Buluseños since 1983 cater to an average of 600 patients or more, many of whom come from far-flung barangays. Taking the cudgels for them, Ms. Gamba advises patients from within the town proper to give way first to those who have to travel far at early morning to reach the town in search of medical treatment, so they could be back home early.




INI AN SORSOGANON!. DepEd Secretary Butch Abad shown handing the award to the San Roque contingent. Also in photo are DILGO Rico Gaurino, Tony Fumera, Eugenio Regalario, SRES Principal Norma Fumera, Kgd. Milagros Estil, Kgd. Santiago Forneloza, & SK Chair William Estil .                 Barangay San Roque, for once, proudly stands tall way above 550 other barangays in the Province of Sorsogon as recipient of the prestigious Ini an Sorsoganon! Most Outstanding Barangay Award 2004 given at Vicenta Hall, Fernando’s Hotel in Sorsogon City, 28 October 2004.

                The secretary of the Department of Education himself, the Honorable Florencio B. Abad, has recognized the efforts made by Barangay San Roque for its project San Roque Tripartite Approach to Quality Elementary Education when he handed the award to Punong Barangay Salvador F. Fulo in behalf of the group of Madam Luz Z. Gamba, former president of the San Roque Elementary School Alumni Association, Inc. (SRESAAI), project proponent, and concurrent board chairman of San Roque Life Bringer Foundation, Inc. (SRLBFI), project co-partner.

                DepEd Secretary Abad commended the laudable contribution of the people of San Roque in the Brigada Escuela program of DepEd which has virtually, for Brgy. San Roque, become a way of life.

                The winning project covers primarily the restoration back to its useful form of the 6-room Marcos-type building which has been left condemned  for the last several years, and, secondarily, the integrated development and improvement of the school plant which includes the installation of two separate covered walks, several plant climbers and three steel gates; the rehabilitation of the outdoor stage and the front concrete fence; and the landscaping of the school grounds, resulting to a well-enhanced over-all effect - clean lines, color, and class. Total project cost amounted to P1.75M.

                A high score was given to community participation and sustainability of the project, evidenced by records of attendance as well as the long lists of contributions in whatever form: from cash of P5 to camote, from a piece of nail to barakong kape. With not a single centavo from the government.

                The project being generally a success story of the Filipino bayanihan spirit, off-shoot projects are now mushrooming and investors coming into the barangay.

                Mr. Ruben Gonzales, MAFC Chairman, has tapped San Roque as show-window of mushroom culture. The production of VCO (virgin coconut oil) and the cultivation of petroleum nut are being initiated. From reliable sources come the news that experts in honeybee culture have been invited to put up business centers in San Roque. Also being readied for summer is the aborted PBBTEC’s BalayBuhay at the junction to Bulusan Lake.

                In January 2005, the implementation of the Pastoral Plan, Phase IV, of the Diocese of Sorsogon will begin in Barangay San Roque which has been chosen as one of the pilot areas in the whole vicariate of St Anthony of Padua.

                Barangay San Roque has not been mistaken in choosing as one sure guide the words of Ignatius of Loyola:

                “Let us work as if success depended upon ourselves alone; but with heartfelt conviction that we are doing nothing and God everything.”

                IN GOD WE TRUST!


                These two groups are scheduled to hold their reunions in Bulusan this coming Holy Week. This was announced by Mr. Rogelio F. Fuentes who heads both.

                According to Mr. Fuentes, a meeting of the two groups in preparation for the occasions will be held when he comes home late January or early February 2005.

                He urged all members of the Gacosta Clan and Class ’51 to join, as he wants a really big attendance in the affairs. He said it is his wish to see and meet with people close to him during the gathering, as it could be his last chance to be with them.

                He is perhaps referring to the premonition that something untoward may befall him anytime as a result of his continuous tirade in his column published in this Gazette against the malpractices and abuses of some people.

                It will be recalled that Mr. Fuentes who loves more to mingle with the common people than with the affluents, organized in 1979 the first reunion of Class ’51 of the Bulusan Central School. The affair which was the first to be held by a class in the elementary level in Bulusan and perhaps in the Province of Sorsogon, brought enormous joy to the lowly members who were not able to study beyond Grade VI because of poverty. It was the chance for them to rub elbows after 28 years with their former classmates who became successful professionals and businessmen. From then on, they hold their get-together every other year.

                Because of their closeness, many poor members benefited from their well-off classmates by way of hospitalization, scholarships for their children, and financial assistance.

                Due to the persistent clamor of his cousins and other relatives on the maternal side of his father, the late Arcadio G. Fuentes, Mr. Fuentes also organized the Gacosta Clan which held its first Grand Reunion in Sta. Magdalena in 1993 and was followed in 1995 at the same venue. The third was held in Barangay Talaonga, Sta. Magdalena. For the first time, it was moved to Bulusan in 1999. Since then, Bulusan became their permanent venue, as it is the most accessible place for members from Bulan, Irosin, Matnog, Sta. Magdalena, Barcelona, Gubat, and Sorsogon.

                On Black Saturday of last year’s Holy Week, the Fuentes Clan, which Mr. Fuentes also organized, had its third grand reunion also in Bulusan.

                Now that he will relinquish the presidency of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. at the end of this year, he vows to devote his remaining years to Gacosta and Fuentes Clans and the Class ’51 which he also heads.

                It is his cherished wish, he said, that unity and closeness among the members be maintained at all times regardless of one’s political ideology and religious affiliation and social status in life.

                He stressed further that it is the reason why he shies away from politics since the very beginning despite so much prodding from various sectors as it causes disunity and bitterness among members of the community because of the dirty tricks employed by greedy politicians just to win.



Three semi-permanent houses were totally burned to the ground at San Rafael, Bulusan, Sorsogon when a fire broke out just an hour before midnight of October 16, 2004. The owners of the said houses were apparently already asleep and were just awakened by their neighbors.

Those who lost their houses were: Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Peralta (nee Dominga Fuasa), 73 and 60 years old respectively, with six children who are now all married but with two grandchildren staying with them; Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Gipulle (nee Veronica Fuasa), 52 and 55 years old respectively, with two sets of all-male twins; Mr. & Mrs. Donnel Gipulle (nee Syryl Gaurino), 25 and 22 years old respectively, with a four-year old child.

Some people claim the fire started from under one of the houses where coconut husks where intentionally left on low fire to drive away mosquitoes. Others still blame faulty electrical wiring for the incident.

Officers and members of the Knights of Columbus Council No. 13265 have already given their share of used clothes, food items, and cash to the fire victims. Other groups have already done their part.  It is about time we do ours. (JGG)


After three months in the parish, Fr. Domingo A. France, parish priest, has these accomplishments:

 1.        laying out of a concrete pathway from the center of the patio to the convent, and the cementing of the convent’s front yard (shared by past hermano mayor);

2.        improvements on the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel with the installation of a water system for drinking and watering; repainting (donation from the USA); and

3.        repair of the roof of the convent to be followed by repair on the church roofing (donation)

 Some ten-(10) male parishioners from the different barangays finished their seminar for the lay ministry. They were installed and commissioned as lay ministers just before the Misa de Gallo to assist the priest in administering Holy Communion. They are now assigned in Buhang, San Roque, and in the poblacion. They also visit the homes of sick people and administer communion to them.

  A Botica sa Parokya was also opened on November 8, 2004 - with medicines coming from the Diocese. Three lady parishioners attended a seminar over the maintenance of the botica and they take turns in attending to customers. The medicines, intended for the poor, are priced lower than those sold in drug stores. It is hoped that a volunteer doctor can serve in the botica for consultation even after every Sunday mass. The sales from the medicines will be used to buy medicines from the Diocesan Office on Social Action. A little honorarium for the sales ladies comes from the Diocese but by February 2005, such should already come from the Parish. (JGG)




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