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Vol. XVII No. 7
October 2006


S.O.S. for In-Distress Buluseños

Update on Bulusan Volcano

Millions Damaged by Milenyo

Eltam Fortin, New DBI 2nd VP

Fr. Buising, Bulusan's New Parish Priest

Retired Senior Police Officer IV and TESDA-BNVTS Employee Assume Church Caretaker Responsibility

Newly Installed Hermanos and Hermanas



7 Candidates Vie for Miss DBI Silver Girl '07 Title

Bulusan Central School General Alumni Homecoming Update

BUCES PTA Holds Little Mr. & Ms. UN '06

Press Release

Literary: The Lost Dream



President's Corner

Sa Ngaran San Damayan

Bato-Bato sa Hangin







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Delgado Fortes Gapayao Ruiz


In line with next year’s silver anniversary celebration of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. as a duly SEC-registered town organization, a contest is launched for the Miss DBI Silver Girl 2007.

It will be recalled that although the Buluseños in Metro-Manila started with their monthly mass on August 5, 1981 at the Holy Trinity Church in Sampaloc, Manila, it was only in 1982 that the association was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to Mr. Melchor A. Hasta, DBI’s business manager, the contest is a fund-raising project the proceeds of which shall be used for the purchase of medicines and dental supplies for the civic action this coming Black Saturday.

Seven candidates representing different barangays in Bulusan are participating in this contest but as of this writing only six names are available.  They are:

May C. Fortes who stands 5’9” is a ramp model and is the daughter of Mr. Benjamin Fortes and the former Conchita Cortado of Barangay Poctol.

Joanna D. Ruiz, 5’7” in height, is a student at the Manuel Roxas High School in Manila.  Her parents are Mr. Jun Ruiz and the former Norma Diño.

Arnelt Lyn A. Delgado, 5-foot tall, a fourth year student at the Southeastern College in Pasay City – is the daughter of Mr. Alex Delgado and the former Anita Aranel of Barangay Madlawon.

Kellyn Margaret M. Bien, who stands 5’5”, is the daughter of Mr. Juanito Bien and the former Rita Miabel of Barangay Buhang.

Princess G. Gapayao, 17 years old, is in her freshman year at the Lyceum of the Philippines taking up B.S. Tourism.  She is the daughter of Mr. Alejandro Gapayao and the former Myrna Gabitan of Barangay Sapngan.

Julie Ann C. Singson, 16 years old, stands 5’1” and is currently in her senior year at the Felix Municipal High School. Her parents are Mr. Rolando Singson of Cainta, Rizal, and the former Virgie Camposano of Barangay Buhang.

The candidates will be introduced to the public on November 18 at 9:00 p.m. during the presentation of candidates and Ball at the Pasay City Sports Complex located along F.B. Harrison Street corner Libertad where the first canvassing of votes will also be conducted.

The second canvassing shall be held on December 10 at 2:00 p.m. during the association’s Christmas Party celebration at the Knights of Columbus Clubhouse, Intramuros, Manila.

January 20, 2007 at 9:00 p.m. will be the last canvassing of votes, also at the Pasay City Sports Complex.

At the same venue, the Coronation Night shall be held on February 17, 2007 at 9:00 p.m.

Engr. Pablito R. Freo, president of Damayan-Buluseño, Inc. urges fellow Buluseños to support this fund-raising project for the benefit of their hometown and fellow Buluseños especially the poor who avail of the free medical and dental services sponsored yearly by the association.

Bulusan Central School General Alumni Homecoming Update:

In preparation for the Bulusan Central School General Alumni Homecoming next year, Mr. George F. Fuentes, the current school principal, invited alumni to a re-organizational meeting last November 1, 2006 at BUCES Teachers Hall.  Unfortunately, only twenty-one (21) attended.  It was decided by the group that an ad hoc committee be organized in the absence of a quorum to keep the alumni association going. 

             These are the minutes of what transpired during the meeting, which started 09:30 in the morning.


A.         Elected to the ad hoc committee are the following:


– Roger Gallinera


- Jose Geñorga


- Menandro Frayna


- Emilia Gallego


- Emerita Silva


- Alicia Labini


- Cynthia Tison-Ignacio


- Salvacion Gapas


- Cesar Garcia

Buss. Managers

- Charlie Miaco


- Joey Frades


- Simona Fulo


- Bella Fuentes


- Roy Gallinera


- Alberto Fragio


- Pedro Frando

 B.         To be the lead hosts in this affair are the Golden & Silver Jubilarians, Class ’57 & Class ’82, respectively.

C.         To be honored are Class ’47 & beyond.


All alumni of the Bulusan Central School are urged to come home and be a part of the Homecoming 2007 this coming Holy Week. (Source: Minutes of the Re-organizational Meeting Held on November 01, 2006)  

BUCES PTA Holds Lit tle Mr. & Ms. UN ‘06

Bulusan Central School recently held a Little Mr. & Ms. United Nations 2006 contest to raise funds for its various projects.

Crowned as Little Mr. & Ms. United Nations on October 27 were Allen Jasper Diño and Vivienne Belleza, Grades II and III pupils respectively.  The runners-up were given the titles of the UN’s different objectives. 

1st Runners-up


Little Mr. & Ms. International Peace



-                      Jay Galve, Grade VI



-                      Annie Freo, Grade V




2nd Runners-up


Little Mr. & Ms. International Justice



-                      Daryl Furing, Grade IV



-                      Jovie Rose Jeresano, Grade I




3rd Runners-up


Little Mr. & Ms. International Freedom



-                      Jose Randy Tibor, Jr., Grade I



-                      Joy Caress Bringino, Grade II




4th Runners-up


Little Mr. & Ms. International Economic Security



-                      Ivan Aguilar, Grade III



-                      Lisalie Honra, Grade VI




5th Runners-up


Little Mr. & Ms. International Human Rights



-                      Ivan Franz Piopongco, Kindergarten



-                      Kaye Ann Gonzales, Kindergarten




6th Runners-up


Little Mr. & Ms. International Cooperation



-                      Marlo Frago, Grade V



-                      Cindy Claire Mores, Grade IV

Kenneth Gonzaga and Aila Marie Bailon, Grades II & IV pupils, respectively, had their farewell walk and turned over their crowns and scepters.

Hon. Mayor Juan G. Guysayko and some municipal councilors graced the occasion.

The school’s share from the contest was Php104,408.68.  As per DSWD guidelines, 75% of which should be for its purpose and the 25% for the expenses related to the affair.  From the 75%, the school was able to materialize its purpose: the purchase of a sound system (which had its first run during the coronation ceremony), and triple and bass drums.  Other projects that were accomplished are the following: new flagpole, four new painted tables, six repaired and painted tables and a cabinet, repainted grotto and pergola, and updated school directory. (Marilou F. Fuentes, BUCES)

Press Release

The Dr. Jose S. Reyes Memorial Foundation, Inc. Board of Trustees Chairman Mr. Juan F. Reyes has asked the Damayan-Buluseño Gazette to announce that the Board has already released all the subsidies due the teachers & non-teaching personnel from the Funds to Private Education (FAPE).  

Following were the subsidies given them by FAPE:



Total Amount

No. of Teaching & Non-Teaching Personnel



Date Released




P 9,146.66












                 Delays in the release of later subsidies were caused by the non-compliance of the teachers concerned in submitting pertinent records. (Nenette Reyes)  


The Lost Dream

 by: Sevega


Many summers, I dreamt underneath

the sun, the moon, and the stars,

I gather seashells . . . yet . . .

            Nowhere to find,

depleted sea . . . thy bounty lost,


On cold season, I walked underneath,

the luxuriant abaca lane,

I gather agotay . . . yet…

                Nowhere to find,

                depleted farm… thy bounty lost,


In my dreams,

                I saw the aching leaves of summer,

                I saw the fall of the conquered

                                Faunas and Floras,

                Never to smell, the sweet scented miliguas

                Never to see, the swaying blooming melendres

                Never to taste, the ripe yellow layuan

                And the pinkest sweet tangola

                The spreading net fruit laptokay


                I saw the massacre of our rivers,

                I saw the mass suffocation, of:






and tibayon


                They were gang-raped for sudden death,


                I lost my beautiful DREAMS.





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